Top Volvo Wheel Maintenance Tips

Most fail to realize that wheels are an important part of the vehicle and they are the only contact between your Volvo and the road. Maintaining your wheels are a vital part of the overall safety, usability and aesthetic of your Volvo. Running on dilapidated wheels are not only an ugly sight but it also poses as a road hazard for all road users. Even when you take your car to a local hand wash booth, the bodywork of the car gets all the washing treatments and attention, leaving the booth all shiny and clean but the wheels usually get a basic clean or wax. This is not sufficient for maintaining the wheels, we share some Volvo wheel maintenance tips so you can keep your Volvo looking good from the top to bottom.

Wash And Wax

Similar to the bodywork, your wheels need the attention too. A decent and suitable wax can help to keep your wheels shining and repeal the grime and dust which makes it harder to stick in between the tiny gaps in the rims. The dust on the rims will come off easily when it is rinsed without using harsh chemicals, allowing the wheels to look better for a longer period of time.

Chemical Cleaners

A quick spray of these chemical cleaners will remove most of the dirt and dust, cleaning your wheels at half the usual effort and time. While it is the easier option, users should be aware that some chemical cleaners might tarnish the alloy wheels leaving it with a dull finishing.

Polishing Your Wheels

Wheel polishing helps to increase the gloss and remove minor surface imperfections, it will enhance the appearance of the car, looking sharp and new as well as preventing dust and grime from sticking onto it easily. You can attempt to polish your Volvo wheels by purchasing a metal polish and applying it onto the wheels using a foam applicator pad. Start with light pressure on the wheel until the polish turns into a milky haze before cleaning it off with a clean microfiber towel. It is good to test your polish on a small inconspicuous area before working on the entire wheel.

Wheel Balancing

Other than the exterior maintenance of the wheel, it is essential that you send your Volvo for proper wheel balancing services so that it can reduce further wear and tear as well as compensates for imperfections in the tires or rims.

Tire Replacement

As life is, all things get worn and torn. Volvo wheels are made to endure tough surfaces and bring you on long journeys, but all tires undergo chemical changes due to exposure of the sun, heat and other natural elements as well as the friction as it hits the road, it could cause uneven wear, bubbling and other issues. If the treads on your tires are wearing thin or shows cracking at the walls, you should replace your tires sooner than later.