Top 4 OEM Porsche Starter Myths Debunked

Porsche cars, like other cars, do come with myths that many people have been believing in for many years. In the case of OEM Porsche starters, myths have been circulating basically because of the fact that people have encountered some problems or have been misinformed about how the part works. We are debunking these myths for you right here in this post!

#1 – Replacing Car Starters Void My Vehicle Warranty

A lot of people are made to believe by car dealers that getting an auto starter to replace a malfunctioning starter will mean voiding the car's warranty. The truth is you can always purchase Porsche parts without voiding your car's warranty. The secret is to only get OEM parts for replacement or else any substandard or third-party part installed in your car will actually be a ground for voiding the warranty of your vehicle.

#2 – OEM Car Starters will Not Do Your Car Any Good

Says who? People who are selling cheap aftermarket parts or those supposedly selling genuine Porsche parts at a very high cost? This is just one way of destroying your options in the case of OEM car starters which are proven to work efficiently. The secret is to buy from providers who make sure you that you will get only genuine OEM Porsche parts that will work the same way as the original starter that needs replacement.

#3 – You Can Always Install OEM Car Starters on Your Own

Yes, it is true that anyone can install OEM car starters. However, it really depends upon your level of skills to make sure that the starter you installed will work accordingly. You can simply bring out your car's manual and locate instructions when installing car starters. If you cannot follow what is in the manual though then it is better to just bring the OEM part you bought to a mechanic and they can do the installation for you. Make sure you buy the part before bringing them to the shop because some other mechanics may commit the mistake of installing a bad starter for your car.

# 4 – OEM Porsche Starters Do Not Have Warranty

This is often one misconception that has been bugging your mind and causing you to back out from purchasing genuine OEM parts. The truth is that the warranty will depend on who you are buying the part from. In most cases, you will find OEM Porsche part providers backing up their sales with a minimum warranty. Some warranties can even last up to one whole year. Remember that providers who care will always have your best interest in mind. They will see to it that you get quality Porsche parts. On your part as a buyer, you will definitely want to use warranties to ensure that you are getting the right deal. If the warranty is what you want, you will always have that from a reputable provider.

Now that these myths have been debunked, will you ever doubt the genuineness of OEM Porsche parts? Never again. The secret lies upon transacting with a reputable provider who will make sure you will be satisfied with their drive gears, solenoid, and all parts of a starter.