Tips For Using Your Porsche AC Compressor In Extremely Hot Weather

Using the car A/C in hot weather can easily be an uphill task because the A/C system always gets a workout during summer. Temperatures rise so high, the asphalt on the road seems to melt. Hoping to beat the heat, you turn on the A/C. Unknown to you, you are using the A/C the wrong way. Before long, your beloved Porsche starts developing minor A/C compressor issues.  It only works on a maximum setting of 18 degrees. Anything beyond that forces the A/C to blow hot air when all you want is some ‘cool’ inside the car. To avoid such annoying incidents, consider the following tips Porsche A/C compressors and how to use them when it’s extremely hot outside.

Pump Out Hot Air

Getting the super-hot air inside your Porsche should be easy. It should in fact be easier if you have the latest Porsche model. But what if you have an older model like a Porsche 989? Roll down the rear windows before getting into the car. Then successively but gently open and close the driver’s door four or five times. This will force out hot in less than two minutes.

Pump Out More As You Drive

The Porsche A/C in all models, both and new is designed to work better as you drive. This is because the compressor runs faster as the engine rotates. This means that switching on the A/C before driving is a waste of both fuel and time. Roll down the passenger window seats for at least a minute so as to pump out the hot air. Be keen not to open the front windows first. This will only clear up the front side and leave the rear cabin still hot.  You will have an added advantage if your Porsche has a sunroof. Keep the sunroof open for a minute as you drive. This will force hot air to rise and eventually get off through the sunroof.

Turn On The A/C At Low Speed

The temperature inside your Porsche tends to be higher than the temperature outside. With that in mind, set the A/C at its lowest temperature. This will force it to draw air from outside and cool it down. On the contrary, turning the air to ‘Max’ will force it to take air from the passenger cabin which is hotter compared to the air outside. The A/C will therefore be forced to work harder anytime you set it to the top speed at the beginning.

Inspect The Filter

Change it if it is dirty. You will not get optimal air flow if the cabin air filter is dirty. Over time, it becomes greasy and grimy. It also collects dirt. Note though that you will need the help of a mechanic while changing the filter in old Porsche models. This is not the case with newer models because they are easy to access.

Monitor The Auto System

New model Porsche A/C compressors are designed to turn off automatically anytime the engine is not running. This saves fuel. Unfortunately, it does not help in hot weather especially when one is stuck in traffic. Simply switch off the automatic feature. That way, the inside will be cool even when you have to turn off the engine for a few seconds.