Why do people drive Porsches? There can be any number of reasons for owning and driving a Porsche. Some family minded individuals like the four-doors such as the 2016 Panorama, 2016 Cayenne, or the 2016 Macan. Family friendly or not, they come in configurations in excess of 300 horsepower. Then again, there is the Porsche 911, 2017 model – a sports coupe that takes only 4.4 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. Clearly, there’s a little something for everyone.

What you have here is an optimal racing machine. Working in perfect harmony are weight distribution, aerodynamics, a superiorly crafted engine, and more. It is one of the fastest sports cars on the road, while still being street legal.

Reliable and Well-Respected

Those are two terms that apply to every Porsche on the road. They’re always looking for ways to improve. Porsche combines quality ratings with excellent reliability. And when it comes to building cars, they have over 65 years of experience. As far as car manufacturers go, they have some of the best brand rankings in existence. Contributing to this is the fact that of all the Porsches ever built, a good two thirds of them are still on the road. A quality study was done by JD Power and Associates that showed the following: Continuing with a steady rise in the charts was the newer Cayenne. But placing first were sports cars like the Boxster and the 911.

The Fun Never Stops– Neither Does The Innovation

As suggested earlier, Porsche keeps trying to outdo itself. In addition to improving convenience technology as much as possible, fresh concerns geared toward the development of new driving technology are surfacing. One example of this is the Panamera SE Hybrid. It is a premium class plug-in hybrid vehicle. What Porsche accomplishes with the manufacture of this model is the ability to hold on to the performance capability that has become their signature while, at the same time, developing a fuel-efficient vehicle.

Why Buy Porsche?

When you consider the fact that these are top-quality street and race cars, that the company puts serious thought and innovation into every model, and has and always will pay exacting attention to detail… It’s really no wonder that Porsche is one of the most popular and beloved names in automobiles.

The name Porsche, after all, signifies far more than just a car. The makers have somehow managed to combine superior engineering, quality craftsmanship, acute attention to detail, and focused simplicity (without sacrificing the essence of Porsche history) into a state-of-the-art luxury vehicle.

At OEM Exotic Parts, we understand Porsche owners and drivers. We know how to care for that luxury vehicle – one of the finer things in life. That’s why we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. And right along with that, we extend a 12-month minimum warranty on all of the parts and accessories we sell. If you ever have any questions about general maintenance, parts, or accessories, we have a knowledgeable and experienced team here to assist you. We want to be your go-to location for genuine, factory-grade Porsche parts and accessories.

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