Simple Ways To Prevent Streaking From Porsche Windshield Wiper Blades

Windshield wipers are made to protect you from accidents that may happen, should you fail to clear debris, dirt particles, and water on your windscreen that can distract you while driving. When Porsche windshield wiper blades have deteriorated, then you have to make it a point that streaks are prevented as well. Here are simple ways on how you can do that.

Keep the Wiper Blades and Windshield Clean

Whenever dirt particles or leaves seem to be leaving streaks on the windshield then it will be good to clean the wipers. This will help prevent scratches too. You just need to clean both the screen the wipers and the windshield using household glass cleaner. You should keep a spray bottle of the cleaner inside your trunk all the time so that the cleaner will be accessible as the need arises. Use alcohol-based cleaner when cleaning the screen and you want to remove wax polish on it or get rid of oil remnants you may have encountered on the road.

Remove Ice Completely

In many cases, streaking occurs when it is winter time. Dirty, and sometimes salty, snow particles can get all over your car. It is best to remove all these particles from your windshield and from your car if you want to prevent streaks. Otherwise, ice can aggravate the damage not only to your windshield but your entire vehicle as well.

Replacing Worn Out Wipers

Some of you may need to wait sometime before the wipers can be replaced. Simply wipe off dirt on the blades with your thumb in order to remove dirt particles that can cause streaks to your windshield. Make sure though that when wipers can no longer be resurrected then you have to replace them right away.

Examine Your Wiper Blades

Basically, windshield wipers need to be replaced at least once a year. Just in case you notice some streaking even after you have replaced your wipers just recently, you will need to examine and clean them first. Check if they are able to flex and if the blade edge is not missing any part. Check for anything that is preventing the blade from moving and flexing. Dry them out with a soft cloth once you have cleaned them. The windshield must be cleaned as well

What is the Best Solution?

While there are simple ways that can help prevent streaking that comes from problematic windshield wiper blades, sometimes the best solution to the problem is to replace the windshield wiper entirely. Often, it is not just the blade that is creating the problem but the entire mechanism as well. You will definitely be able to see flawlessly once the entire windshield mechanism has been replaced.

Always choose genuine OEM Porsche parts when replacing Porsche windshield wipers. This is a guarantee that you will get only the best quality windshield wipers that you can depend on for a long time. You can also replace the windshield in case you notice that streaks have already led to marks that can damage the windshield in the long run.