Should You Replace Your Volvo Windscreen Wiper?

Windscreen wipers are very important components of your Volvo vehicle. They guarantee that you have an unobstructed and clear view while driving. They also help get rid of leaves, dust, snow, and sleet that may cover the windscreen when you are down the road. With them working properly, you can be sure that you are on to a safe journey, regardless of the weather outside. Of course, you want to know if it is time to replace your Volvo windscreen wiper. When this is your concern, you have to consider the following facts first.

Using Your Windscreen Wiper

Before getting to the very detail of when you should replace your windscreen wipers, it pays to take note of a few important things about its use. Commonly made from thin rubber, wipers are designed to help get rid of dirt, ice, snow, and other things that get in contact with the windscreen. They may not be used very often but when winter comes, prolonged usage is inevitable. When subjected to high temperatures, wiper arms do a tough job and even without breaking, they will need replacement.


One of the common reasons to replace your wiper is when you notice streaking after using the wipers. Streaks of water can become evident when the wiper blade fails to come into close contact with the glass. When a loose chip hits the blade, then it can break and be damaged. Add to that, streaking may also result from regular use of the windscreen wiper, which can make it lose its shape.

Other Noises

Windscreen wipers create a distinct sound when they are in use. That sound will never alarm you because if you do not listen closely, they seem to be not producing any sound at all. However, when scrapes, screeches, and squeaks are heard, there is reason to believe that at least the blades have become worn out thus they need replacement.

Distorted Blades

As mentioned awhile back, the regular use of wiper blades can dictate the need to replace them because they have already lost their shape. Sometimes, you cannot just notice this distortion. You need to look closely into the blades to see if they really need to be changed. Do not wait until they judder when operating the wipers before you ever think of replacing them.


Wiper blades have to be replaced at least once every 6 to 12 months, depending on the brand of the wipers that you are using. With regular servicing and MOT testing, you will know beforehand when the blades and the entire wiper arm need to be replaced. You cannot just simply say that they do not need replacement because you have not been using them.

Replacing windscreen wipers is necessary to make sure that you protect your windscreen from any scratches and severe damages that it may suffer from with faulty wipers. Consider how unsafe it is to drive on a rainy day with your wipers not working at all and you will understand the need to replace it based on what were mentioned herein. Not only will that put you at risk. It can also be costly on your part knowing that a damaged glass from a broken wiper will be more expensive than simply replacing the wiper arm.