Porsche Bearing Problems, Repair And Maintenance At A Glance

The bearing is a critical part of your Porsche’s internal structure.  Take the IMS Porsche bearing for instance. It supports timing chains as well as the engine oil pump drive. Like you will find out however, Porsche models always come along with different bearing features. For example, the intermediate shaft was a common feature in all Porsche Boxter engines from 1997 all the way to 2009.  This does not mean though, that your Porsche 2007 model is now obsolete. You can maintain and service the bearings just like you would in any other modern Porsche model.  Here’s how to go about it.


The IMS bearing is somewhat delicate. That is in fact, one of the main reasons why its repair and maintenance should always be carried out by an expert. To get started, the IMS bearing the transmission has to be removed. A special tool is then inserted into the IMS bearing to pull out the engine case. Note that this happens in all pre 2005 Porsche models. Porsche model 2006 through 2008 designs make it easy for one to replace the IMB bearing without dismantling the entire engine.

What Causes Bearing Failure

There are usually so many reasons why bearings fail. Each failure always boils down to a number of causes.  The most common cause however, is spalling. It occurs as a result of too much friction or normal fatigue where the bearing simply comes to the end of its normal lifespan. There are other factors thought that can also cause spalling. Lack of enough lubrication and high load can easily lead to bearing overheating which will in turn, lead to bearing failure - overheating ‘cooks’ metals in the bearings because of sustained high temperatures over a long time. It therefore forces the bearing to work beyond its strength. Before long, the bearing gets fractured. It then leaves a pit or a jagged depression before it fails prematurely.

Preventive Measures

One of the most effective preventive measures is to remove grease seals off the factory intermediate shaft bearings. This should only be done for a while though. It will improve cooling as well as lubrication. Another option is to tear down the engine completely so as to access the intermediate shaft. This should not be hard as there are now upgraded IMS bearings available. This should only be done by a Porsche expert though.

Warning Signs

There are three main signs which indicate that the bearing is failing. You will first find traces of metallic debris in the oil filter. This could be chips from your Porsche ball bearings or any other part around the bearing. You will notice the traces as you change the engine oil. You may also notice oil leaks at the rear part of the engine. The third sign may involve metallic sounds coming from the rear part of your Porsche. The most important thing to do once you notice any of these signs is to first consult a licensed Porsche mechanic.  Then always buy your Porsche ball bearings and any other spare from licensed distributors.