Need To Replace Your Porsche Windscreen Wipers

Your windscreen wipers hold a lot of power over your visibility on the road. You need to ensure you check them regularly for faults, deterioration, breakages, cracks or splits. If you use silicone wiper blades then these checks do not need to be done quite so often as they are more resilient and last a lot longer than the traditional rubber Porsche windscreen wipers.

A Simple Task?

There are a lot of jobs on a Porsche, or any other luxury car that requires a lot of thought and knowledge. However, you will be glad to know that changing or replacing your windscreen wipers is not one of those. The most important thing to remember is to ensure you get the right size from an authentic Porsche parts dealer.

Let’s Start With The Measuring!

It is important to get this step right, otherwise you will find yourself having to order a replacement for the replacement! You need to measure the whole of the wiper blade from tip to tip. Of course, there is an easier way – you can look at your car manual, but who does that today?

Next Step

You will either need to order your new Porsche windscreen wipers from a reputable dealer, either online or in person. It’s best to wait until these arrive or you have them in your hand before you start trying to remover the old wipers.

OK, Wipers All Set To Go

Right, you now have your wiper blades, excellent, time to replace the old ones! First, you will need to carefully life the wiper blade arm away from the windscreen. This easily pivots if you move it in the right direction, so if you find any resistance at all, you are trying to move it in the wrong direction. Once lifted, you will notice a small tab under the wiper blade, just where it connects with the wiper arm. Press this and carefully slide the old wiper blades out of the wiper arm.

Replacing The Wipers

Once you have removed the defective wiper blade, you are ready to insert the new wiper blade. You simply slide it into position, all the way up to the top of the wiper arm, as far as it will go. Once it reaches the correct place you should hear a slight click as it locks firmly into position. Next, you need to pivot the wiper blade arm back to the windscreen. Do this carefully again, and do not go against the natural swing of the arm otherwise you could damage it. You then need to do exactly the same on the wiper blade on the other side of your car.

Always Test!

Finally, you need to test the wipers work. Place the key in the ignition and switch on. Next turn on your windscreen wipers. You may need to squirt a little windscreen fluid to lubricate the windscreen. Now you have established your new Porsche windscreen wipers work perfectly you are all set to go out in any weather!