Main Parts Of Your Porsche Air Conditioning System

The main purpose of an air conditioning system is to provide cool air to the vehicle for the comfort of its users. Regardless of the type of vehicle you own, the A/C system is considered a very vital component of the car as a whole. Basically, your Porsche air conditioning system works by blowing air inside the cabin over an evaporator or a cooled surface. From the evaporator, heat will then be transferred from the air to a particular type of coolant that helps the air conditioning unit work.

You have to take note that the A/C system will not work without the vital parts found inside it. Each of these parts has a role to play to assure that the system delivers its purpose. The list of parts includes the water pump, coolant cooler, thermostat, heat exchanger, air flow, radiator fan, and the engine. Some car models from the brand may also include heat exchanger valves. Specifically, here are the main parts of the A/C system.


Freon, together with a specific type of oil, is pumped through the A/C system. This allows it to cool the air inside the vehicle. It is the A/C compressor that allows this process to happen. The fluid that leaves the compressor goes through a filter or any particular form of drier. The compressor also functions by capturing all types of debris that may be found in the oil and Freon mixture.


Once the fluid has been compressed from the compressor, it will then move its way to the condenser which is held responsible for expanding the fluid further so that the air can pass by through more space or surface area. When the air gets into the condenser, any excess heat will then be taken away from the compressed fluid. This will then make the air in the system cooler.

Expansion Device

From the compressor down to the condenser, there is another part with which the compressed fluid passes through, that is, the expansion device. This part specifically functions by expanding the fluid even more. This will then allow the fluid to become cooler. This air passes through the evaporator, a part that will absorb heated air and from where the cooling process will start another cycle.

Other Parts

The accumulator, for one, is an important part of the A/C system. It functions by holding the refrigerant coming out of the evaporator. While holding on the refrigerant, moisture will be removed via the desiccant bag. Another part is the orifice tube which restricts refrigerant flow in order to transform it from high pressure to low pressure before entering the evaporator once more.

These parts are considered very important in making sure that the A/C system works whenever needed. You have to take note that while these parts do their work, the air temperature must also be factored in because the type of air that enters the system will affect the temperature it gives off. This explains the logic behind why the A/C system seems to be giving off hotter air during warm months.