Is Your Porsche Wiper Motor Faulty?

The little things car owners take for granted often turn out to be the very ones that can stand between life and death. Take your Porsche wiper motor for instance. Your car engine can run without it. But on a rainy or snowy day, the motor will remind you just how important it is. You just won’t move an inch. That’s because a pair of good wipers complete with a functional motor will always make it easy for you to see well even in inclement weather conditions. There’s one problem with wiper motors though. They break down when one least expects it. A keen Porsche owner can’t be caught off guard though. With the tale tell signs Porsche wiper motors are known for, you can easily take precautionary measures before things get out of hand. The following signs should help you know when it’s time to have your wiper motor fixed.

Slow Blades

All Porsche models come complete with programmable wiper blades designed to operate at different speeds.  With that in mind, set your wiper switch to its highest speed. The wiper blades should move faster than normal. Slow wiper movement can only mean one thing – the Porsche wiper motor has a problem. It could be that the mechanical components inside the wiper motor have been clogged with grime, debris and dirt. You can of course, remove the dirt on your own. This is however, hardly ever a smart move. Simply have certified Porsche mechanic fix the problem for warranty reasons.

Blades Stuck At One Speed

You may want to change your wiper speed as a heavy downpour increases. This may not happen though, as the wiper blades can sometimes get stuck at either the lowest, medium or highest speed. Unlike the aforementioned problem, only experts can fix this glitch. The problem often lies with either the wiper module or the motor.

Motionless Blades

Motionless blades can easily be caused by grime and debris. It can also be caused by a blown fuse. This happens when there is an electrical overload which is usually a red flag that your Porsche’s wiring has a major problem. Have your car inspected for electrical issues not just for the wiper but for other areas. An auto electric glitch as you will find out, can easily damage other components of your car within minutes.

Wipers Refusing To Park

Watch what happens to your wipers when you turn the blades off. Do they move into a parked position or remain stuck where they are? They are supposed to return to the bottom area of the windshield and remain locked there. Stuck blades will of course, block your view. But over and beyond that, this is usually a sign that you need to replace your windshield washer motor. Again, this can only be done by an expert mainly because of the complexities involved as well the delicate nature of the Porsche wiper motor. Remember to take your Porsche for routine service to avoid ending up with the same problem recurring.