Is There A Way For Me To Jazz Up My Volvo Steering Wheel?

The steering wheel is the most tangible link between you and your driving experience. It makes it possible for you to feel how your car behaves on the road. Over and beyond these functional issues though, the steering wheel plays an aesthetic function mostly because it is an interior item. It easily catches the attention of your passengers and passersby over and over. This is because unlike other interior components, the steering wheel is always in motion. It glides between your hands as you drive, trying to navigate through the twists and roads on the road. It therefore makes a lot of sense to jazz the steering wheel a little just to make it look nice. This is especially true if you drive a Volvo, a model known for world-class interior designs. So yes, you can jazz up your steering wheel with covers without affecting your car’s safety and performance. You can also do this without spending too much. These are the options you have.


Leather feels good on your hands. It also exude sophistication and class, so if your taste is inclined towards luxury accents, go for a  beige or black  Volvo steering wheel cover with a faux wood trim edging. Alternatively, you can go for one with perforated sides with ribbed top and bottom sections. A leather cover with brightly colored accents and fine stitching will also go a long way to complement your vehicle. Your options are endless here. There’s actually something for those who enjoy performing old school craftsmanship with their own hands. If you fall in that category, go for leather covers you can sew yourself. Most OEM stores sell them complete with sewing needles, heavy duty thread and of course, sewing instructions. This means you can go for a customized Volvo steering cover with ease.


Polymer technology has made it easy for you to get steering wheel covers made of ‘faux leather’.  The material is not just attractive but also durable.  They also guarantee firm grip mainly because of the wide range of stylish ridge patterns and massage oriented grip designs complete with soft and light studded areas for relaxing pressure for you to choose.


Foam steering wheel covers are hard to beat when it comes to grip and comfort. The fact that they come along with a huge selection of solid colors means you will have an easy time choosing a foam steering cover that complements your Volvo’s interior colors.  Some actually come along with a pair of matching shoulder pads and seat belts.

Sheepskin And Velour

This is by far the most ideal choice for those who love soft touch comfort blended with classic retro charm. It is perfect if you drive a vintage or classic Volvo model. It is also perfect for modern models. Go for real sheepskin with unique color patterns. You can for instance, choose leopard or tiger print. You will most likely love sheepskin and velour because it is easy to clean. The material is also light and just as durable as leather.