Is It Time For Porsche Brake Repair?

When it comes to car safety while driving, the brake system is by all means your best friend. It can literally save your life or take it away depending on how reliable it is. That is why the system should always be in perfect condition.  Unfortunately, most car owners do not know when it’s time to repair the brake system or have it serviced. Most rely on what the dashboard brake lighting indicates. This should not be the case mostly because there are other common signs that always remind one the vehicle needs brake repair. The signs include:

Squealing Noise

Your Porsche brakes are designed to screech or squeal to let you know that the brake pads are wearing out. The system has an inbuilt mechanism that creates the shrill noise each time you step on the brake pedal.  You will only hear the shrill noise when the pads are worn out. This is usually the first sign of brake failure.

Car Vibrates When Braking

This has everything to do with warped rotors. Your car will shake, vibrate or move in other odd and abnormal motions each time you brake. This is usually a clear sign that the rotors, which are located on the wheel where brake pads grab to slow down the vehicle, are warped. Have them replaced then while at it, replace the brake pads as well. 

Howling And Grinding Noise

Howling and grinding noise each time you brake is a sign that you have little or no brake pads left. The howling noise happens because metal grinds on metal. Just like it is the case when your car vibrates each time you brake, you will have to replace the rotors as well as the brake pads.  You may also have to replace drums. That way, you will restore the braking power of the car system to its factory condition.

Soft Brake Pedal

Your brake pedal should not force you to use more pressure when stepping on it. You should be able to feel the braking response immediately you step on it. Anything less than that means that the brake pads are wearing out.  This could also be a sign that there is a serious underling issue than the brake pads. It could be a sign that your car’s brake fluid is low or that there is air in the brake lines.

Car Swerves When Braking

Your car should not pull or swerve to any direction when braking. It should come to a halt and stay motionless. Swerving or pulling to a given side means that your brake hose has collapsed. It also means that the brake fluid has impurities or you have uneven wear on the brake pads.  You therefore need urgent Porsche brake repair. Unfortunately, there is no way you can fix the problem on your own. The best you can do is to have a mechanic inspect the system and replace everything from the brake fluid and rotors all the way to the brake pads and drum. Then always remember to take your vehicle for inspection and servicing at least twice a year.