Is It Safe To Drive With The Volvo Open Hood Warning Light?

Modern cars, like the Volvo, come with a lot of elements that help them to run smoothly. You will notice that there are plenty of switches and sensors here and there. One of those switches found inside the hood latch ensure that the hood has been fully closed. This one is called the Volvo open hood warning light.

How Hood Latches Work

Hood latches go through two different stages before they are locked down. One of the stages is the lever found inside the car. The other is at the latch which helps prevent the hood from opening when they should not. This two-step mechanism allows the hood to stay in place, so that it will not open then suddenly block your vision when you are driving down the road.

The Open Hood Warning Light and What it Means

This essential indicator light is made for a specific purpose and that is to warn you as to whether the hood has been closed completely or not. An illuminated open hood warning light indicator means that you should pull over to the side so that you can check whether the hood has been closed or not. When the hood is closed properly, it follows that the warning light turns off.

What if It Remains Lit?

This can definitely cause a problem. In case you have made sure that the hood is secure and the light remains lit after, there can be an issue with your switch connection. At times, this can indicate that the switch has already worn out. What you should do is locate the hood switch, and from there, you must check if the connector has been plugged securely or not. When everything is well, you will need to replace the switch.

Take note that closing the hood can cause knowing down of the connector and switch, which causes them to dislodge from their proper places. In case you have checked and the connector still is in good condition, then it is most likely that the switch needs replacement.

Now, Is it Safe to Drive with the Open Hood Warning Light?

Hoods come with two separate latches, thus you can be sure that they are unlikely to open when you are driving. With the light turning on unusual, all you need to do is pull over and stop and check that the hood is closed. Once you have done this, you can still continue driving as usual, at least for most vehicles.

Note, though, that some modern vehicle mechanisms will force disable all other functions in the car, say the windshield wipers, when the hood is open as the computer thinks. This then means that you can have a difficult time driving your car safely when it is raining.

What is the Best Thing to Do Then?

Safety is always important when driving. If the hood light does not turn off even after you have checked that the hood is closed, you can go to a mechanic and have the problem diagnosed, so that it can be repaired immediately before something untoward happens.