Is It Advisable To Operate Your Porsche A/C System During Winter?

During the winter months, it is expected that the cool breeze can bring much comfort to anyone. Some of you may opt not to turn on your air conditioning systems at home during this season because the breeze coming from outside is just enough to make you feel comfortable. This will mean much saving on energy cost and may signal the temporary use of heaters inside your home.

How you wish you can save yourself from the need to turn the Porsche A/C system on when it is winter. You can always turn it off when you feel cold but do you think this is advisable? Do you think this is the most ideal thing to do?

A/C Systems are Not Just For Cooling the Air Inside your Car

Many of you believe that air conditioning systems are made to be used only during hot summer days because its real purpose is to cool the air in your cabin. Take note that such systems have a lot of other functions beyond that belief. It has to be used all-year round or at least once weekly during winter months to avoid freezing the system. This will help prevent the Porsche A/C compressor from malfunctioning as well.

A/C Systems Are Made For Conditioning

That is what the name implies. This simply means that it is not just made for cooling. Conditioning the air means regulating the air that gets inside your car. This includes regulating the temperature during the cold months. Remember that when it is very cold outside, there is a large chance that windows will be covered with moisture. This can result to condensation process which will lead to humidity inside the car.

The air conditioning system has its own setting that allows blasting off cold air where it is not needed. Changing the temperature will mean turning the heater on as you use the A/C and shifting the temperature to the warmest setting possible. Turning the A/C on with the heater will free the windows from frost and make the temperature inside the car even more comfortable during these cold months.

Using the A/C Can Help Prevent Mold Buildup

One of your enemies during the winter is mold. Mold can actually affect your car's A/C system much more so when you have left the A/C idle for the entire duration of the winter. When the air is humid and moist builds up then molds will feel so triumphant.

Air Conditioners Should Be Used Regularly

Regular use of A/C during winter will mean turning it on at least once every week or whenever you are out on a trip to work or to other places. Since A/C systems are expected to provide the comfort for your luxury car and must last up until your car is still functioning, then you have to make the most out of it. You do not want other A/C parts to stop working thus you can actually maximize the life of the system by making use of it. This will allow refrigerant and oil to circulate better as parts are lubricated.