Important Things To Bear In Mind When Installing Your Porsche Car A/C

The invention of car air conditioning systems have made driving easy for car owners and their passengers. It is a great way to comfort yourself whenever you are caught in traffic during a hot day. These special systems have evolved throughout the years and depending on the car you own, there are also special tips to bear in mind whenever you need these systems fitted into your car. In the case of installing your Porsche car A/C, here are tips to remember.

Start by Reading the Manual

Since Porsche cars are luxury cars, you will surely expect that installing the car A/C will be quite complicated. It can be if you do not read the manual of your car or the A/C system unit that you are about to install. Take note that there can be spacers that come with the unit. These ones are used in mounting the compressor. You will also need to bring out a straight edge which you can use in the belt grooves. This will help assure that the compressor, power steering, and crank pulleys are in the proper line.

Proceed to Installing the Condenser

There is a latch mechanism found in the bonnet of the car. This should be removed before you slide the condenser into place. You will need to fasten the condenser once you have installed it. Make sure it is secured to both sides of the radiator support panel tabs. Remember that condensers are very important because they play a role in receiving hot compressed gases that are coming from the A/C compressor.

Fit the Receiver- Dryer

This is usually tucked behind the headlight panel that is found on the passenger side, commonly next to the condenser. Pressure switches may come with the unit you have purchased and you can use this to turn the A/C compressor on and off. Make sure that the switch is fitted in place before you make use of it.

Fit the Pipes and Hoses

These are very important parts of the A/C unit and must be fitted to their respective places accordingly. Make sure that the hoses have been crimped to their proper positions. You may need a special tool in order to secure hoses and pipes in place.

Install the Heater Tap

You must start this part of the task by removing the glove box. This will allow you to better access the rear part of the dash where the heater tap will be installed later on. Make sure the heater tap meets the coolant lines so that it will be easier to work on the heater core later. You can proceed to installing the return line that connects the evaporator to the compressor.

Make Sure you Have the Correct Belt Tension

Wrong belt tensions will lead to problems as you keep on using the car A/C system later on. You will need a tensioner pulley as well as a hex spanner so that you can adjust the compressor's front plate to its correct tension.

Achieve better results when installing your Porsche car A/C by getting the best Porsche OEM parts to suit your car's needs. When you have ordered these parts, it is either you choose to install the A/C on your own or send the car to a service center so that repairmen can do the job for you.