How Your Porsche A/C Compressor Affects Engine Operation

A/C compressors are very essential in making sure that you will feel comfortable during a hot summer's day. When they malfunction, it is hard for the air conditioning unit to do its task of cooling the interiors of the car. As complex as this innovation is, having problems with the compressor can also impact engine operations. How exactly can your Porsche A/C compressor affect your car's engine?

Contaminated A/C Compressor

The A/C compressor becomes contaminated once the rubber hoses or the compressor itself wears out. Wearing out can remain in the system thus contaminating it. This can create a block over time which can also affect the functioning of the newly installed compressor, even damage it at the worst. This problem can affect other car parts including the engine. It is therefore important to flush out the system right before the new A/C compressor will be installed.

Installing the Wrong Compressor

There can be times that you will get a new compressor but the problem happens when even if you find the compressor specific to your car model, the unit you get does not match the car's requirements. It is important that only OE accepted units will be mounted to replace old ones. Otherwise, this will result in engine damage considering that incorrect electrical connections might be fitted in the installation of the unit. Make it a point then that the compressor comes with the necessary installation parts such as original connections, lubricants, and plugs.

The Noisy A/C Compressor

Any old component like evaporators, condensers, expansion valves, and hoses can result in a clog in the system which will eventually overload the compressor. When the compressor is overloaded then you will notice a disturbing noise whenever you turn on the engine of your car and you turn on the A/C unit as well. You will need to flush the system and have it completely diagnosed so that the corresponding solution can be given to solve an existing problem.

New A/C Compressor Does Not Work

Even if it does, it can take only a few times of using it before it stops working. You have to take note that some A/C compressors may have been placed in stock for a long time. The lubricant in these units will then flow down and settle to the bottom. Once you have installed one of these in your car, you can still run the unit but the surfaces are not lubricated enough because of the fact that the lubricant has already settled at the bottom of the unit. This can lead to a mechanical fault which can also compromise engine operation.

This problem can be avoided by simply turning the pulley several times using your hands before you install the new compressor. This can help distribute the oil inside the compressor and make sure that the new unit is ready to take on its work for a long time.

It is always important to check not just the compressor itself but the parts that you need when installing a new one. The entire compressor assembly must work as expected once you have installed it in your vehicle.