How To Use Your Porsche A/C Compressor Effectively

One of the things you will do once you get into your car is turn on the A/C unit once you have started the engine. You want that cool air coming out of it to refresh you most especially if you have been spending the rest of the day in a non-air conditioned area or you have exposed yourself to the heat of the sun for long hours. Imagine the comfort that the A/C brings once you have switched it on and you will truly be blessed to have one in your car on your way home.

Remember that there are times when you may have forgotten how to use the A/C efficiently and when you do so the compressor may not work effectively as well. If you happen to own a Porsche, you certainly will want to know how you can use the Porsche A/C compressor effectively so that the unit will function efficiently as well. Here is how you can do that.

Turn on the A/C Correctly

If you have parked your car under the sun while you are out for work eight hours a day, you can expect that the temperature of the sun has heated the insides of your car as well. Your best solution to battling with the heat and wanting to turn on your car's A/C system right away is to make sure that the windows are opened when you do so. Select Face mode first and make sure that the air vents reach people inside the car and not the outside of the car. The vent must never be pointed to your feet. Set the blower to the highest speed then turn the temperature to the coolest thermostat.

Switch to Fresh Air Mode

After turning the A/C on and keeping it on Face mode for quite some time, you can switch it to Fresh Air mode. You can leave the car and the system running under this mode for about three minutes or so. This will help expel the hot air from the car then cool the hot air to a temperature that is as cool as 30 degrees Celsius. This process is where you can start cooling from the 30-degree mode and not shifting 130 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius.  Notice that from here, the cabin becomes cooler.

Switch to Re-Circulate Mode

Close the open windows when you are done using the Fresh Air mode in your air conditioning system. This will cause the fan speed to be gradually slower. Keeping the car on Fresh Air mode is not good because it can frost the system. Just simply allow air in the A/C to cool the cabin and then re-circulate the air once more.

These are but some of the things you must bear in mind if you want to make sure that your Porsche A/C system and A/C compressor will work effectively. When you have practiced this, it will be easy for you not to compromise the compressor and assure that it will work for you for the time you expect it to deliver its task.