How To Uninstall Your Porsche A/C Compressor

Your Porsche A/C compressor is a very critical component of your luxury car's air conditioning system. You will never want any problem unresolved when it comes to this component or else compromise the function with which it is known for. You are lucky if you can just repair the compressor but when it already needs replacement, you need to be well-versed about how you can do it. Here are things you must bear in mind.

The Process Must Be Done Slowly but Surely

Handling your Porsche A/C compressor with care requires taking each step in the uninstallation process slowly but surely. This will help you avoid any further problems while uninstalling this component. You need to focus your attention on how you can carefully remove the clutch wire and home assemblies. Add to that you must also be familiar with how you can remove A/C compressor bolts. Make it a point that no debris or dirt will get into the hoses and all other compressor parts during the process.

Go Back to the A/C Manual

You probably know the feeling of starting a task without really knowing where the entire process should begin with. Going back to your car's A/C manual will help. You must have kept it inside your car. In case you cannot find the manual though, you can picture at the back of your mind how compressors are installed. You just have to reverse the process of installation to help you start the task.

Securing the Vehicle is Necessary

This task starts by disconnecting the battery and making sure that the accessory drive belt has been taken off. From here, you can start securing the vehicle by simply jacking it up with the aid of a jack stand. The car tires, together with all other fascia, lines and shields, must be removed. This will give you a better view of the compressor and its parts.

Pay Attention to Hose Fittings

One of the parts you must deal with when removing the A/C compressor is the suction hose fitting. This is where you will remove the hose from. Once you are done with this, you should locate the discharge hose fitting next and remove the same from the fitting right after doing so.

Remove Electrical Connectors with Caution

Exercise caution when doing this so that you will not hurt yourself in the process. Once you have disconnected the connectors, you can proceed to locate the compressor mounting stud and mounting bolts. Remove these parts to allow you to easily move the compressor before uninstalling it.

Always Ask Help

The process may be quite complicated especially for those of you who do not really have the experience in doing one. At the back of your mind, you might have pictured how the process goes but dealing with all necessary parts that need to be removed before actually uninstalling the compressor can be quite tedious. If you want to enjoy the comfort of owning this luxury car, it will never hurt making sure that you seek someone else's help, from an expert in this task in particular.