How To Troubleshoot A Defective Porsche Expansion Valve

Was there ever a time when you have noticed that the A/C system of your Porsche car is not running efficiently? When that happens, there are a lot of things you can think of. One is the fact that there is a defective Porsche expansion valve. How do you troubleshoot such problems?

Spot Symptoms First

There is a list of symptoms that dictate something is wrong with the expansion valve in your car's A/C system. One such symptom is when you notice that the air being blown by the unit is warmer than before. Take note that the expansion valve works with the Porsche orifice tube when it comes to regulating the way the refrigerant flows into the A/C system. Too little refrigerant indicates overheating while too much of which will indicate freezing, both compromising the A/C unit's efficiency. Once the problem worsens, the A/C will blow warm air instead of the cooler air you are expecting.

Spot for Other Indicators

Another thing you may notice is the frost that comes out from the evaporator or air vents. This is an indication of an expansion valve problem and the need to troubleshoot as soon as possible. If you neglect this problem, chances are the evaporator will freeze over. This will definitely affect the performance of the A/C unit.

Notice that the Compressor is Continuously Running?

This is of course another symptom that there is something bugging the expansion valve. This can actually result from the fact that the valve fails to open. When this is the case, the refrigerant will be pumped by the compressor through the unit even if it is not supposed to do so. When this happens every so often, the compressor, together with all other components will not work properly.

Troubleshoot the Problem

Unlike other Porsche parts that can work after cleaning, a defective expansion valve will need replacement right away. If you fail to do so, there will be a great chance that the coolant will leak in the long run thus not being able to deliver the results for the A/C as it is supposed to. Sealing the leaks at first will help before you even replace the expansion valve because this will help replenish any amount of refrigerant that has been lost in the process. Remember though that only expert technicians may be able to do this.

Keep in mind that it is also important to replace the air conditioning filter when you notice any trouble with the expansion valve. The filter must have been clogged with dirt, dust, or grime which can be a result of extended years of use. Bad filters will definitely result to problems in the expansion valve and lead to malfunctioning of the unit. The valve can get damaged permanently which will mean replacement for both the valve and the filter.

In any of those serious indicators, you will need a solution to the problem. You can always purchase the part that you need for the Porsche car model that you own and from there make the necessary replacement. Calling a professional for help will be the best thing you can do.