How To Tighten The Retaining Nut On Your Porsche Windshield Wiper

There are a lot of simple things that can stop your Porsche windscreen wiper  from working, and because they are simple, they are also an easy fix for you to do yourself. One of the quick and easy jobs is tightening the retaining but of the windshield wiper.

Why Does The Nut Need Tightening?

You use your wipers to remove more than just rain from the windshield. Snow, ice, sleet, hail, slush can all have a negative effect on your wipers as they build up. The wipers move them off the windshield, but because there is a little weight to these weather condition, they can offer some resistance to your wiper, this in turn can contribute to loosening the nut that attaches the wiper arm to the wiper blades. The nut can also be loosened if you swing the wiper blade arm out too often to remove debris underneath it.  

Let’s Start!

The first thing to do when starting this job is to turn off the windshield wipers. You can let them naturally return to their rest position and then switch off the ignition, remembering to remove the key.

You should then find the base of the wiper blade, this is very often beneath the hood of the car. It is helpful at this point to place a cushioning such as cardboard or some material around the wiper’s arm base, as this will protect the windshield glass.

What’s Next?

You will notice a plastic dust cap covers the nut, you will need to remove or pries that up with a flat screwdriver to get to the nut underneath. Quite often there will be a slit to allow the screwdriver access.

Have You Got Your Socket Set Handy?

You will need to have a socket that is an exact fit for the nut you want to tighten. Remember you are working near the windshield area, so there should be no opportunity for the socket to slip off the nut when you turn it. Attach the ratchet to the socket and tighten the nut up, by turning the ratchet in a clockwise direction. Stop when you feel the nut is very tight.

Is There A Problem With The But When You Attempt To Tighten It?

Sometimes the nut can be damaged and will not tighten, it may just spin around when you try to tighten it. If this is the case, then you will need to replace the nut itself. If the nut is already tight and cannot tighten any more, then you will need to loosen the nut, so you can take a look at the wiper arm itself. If the problem is the wiper arm, then you will need to completely replace that.

What If It Is Not The Nut?

Occasionally, the problem may be due to the drive post that the nut is attached to. If this is the case then you will need to replace the windshield wiper motor.

Finishing Up

Once you have corrected whichever problem you have addressed, then you need to test the wipers before going out on the road.