How To Test The Porsche Brake Light Switch

Whenever you have to put your foot on the brake pedal, you will expect the mechanism to engage and send a warning to other drivers that you are braking. The signal is sent to others through your brake light. Take note though that there are instances when something can go wrong with the brake light switch thus making it difficult to send the signal you need to send to other drivers. Testing the Porsche brake light switch is of utmost importance when this is the case.

When to Test the Brake Light Switch

You need to test the brake light bulbs and the brake light fuse before testing the brake light switch. This step comes after you have noticed that there is no juice flowing to the bulbs and the fuse. The brake light switch is that mechanism that creates a connection in the brake light circuit for the car's electrical system. The switch has two wires: one made to control the power going inside the electrical system and the other to control the power going out of it.

Where is the Switch Located?

You can easily locate the switch because it is properly marked, at least for some car models. Basically, it is found near the brake pedal. You simply need to get your test light and have it grounded just like you would whenever you check the brake light fuse. The sensors must be placed on either one of the two wires and from there, you must make sure you are holding the brake pedal when you do so. Once you have tested the first wire, you can proceed to testing the other wire as well.

How To Know If They Are Working Properly

You will know that the light switch is working properly once you have notice that test bulbs illuminating when the power is connected to the switch. If the test bulb does not light up then that can be taken as a sign that the switch is faulty and already needs replacement. You can always check the user manual to learn more about how brake light switches can be tested.

Testing More Complicated Systems

What if the brake light does not work even after you have replaced the switch? That means your brake lighting system is more complicated than usual. You may need to inspect the brake lights and see if they are wired with turn indicators. Inspecting the combined system will also mean inspecting their respective fuses.

Ask Help

Never hesitate to ask help when you are unsure about what you should do. It will always be good to approach a technician who can check on the type of brake light switch you have and where it is connected. From there, they can replace whatever needs to be replaced so that your brake lights will function the same way they used to.

You can order OEM Porsche parts in advance so that you can be sure you only get a quality replacement for your original parts. This will help you save money too whenever you need to make replacements for any of your Porsche car parts.