How To Tackle A Clogged Porsche Accumulator

The Porsche A/C system has been made in such a way that every component found in it will perform the specific function with which that part has been made for. This is the assurance you get that the system will run effectively. Once a component in the system fails, then chances are, the system will no longer work as effectively as it did before. Avoid complete A/C shutdown and enjoy your car by taking a closer look at these components, the Porsche accumulator included.

The accumulator has been made to restrict the refrigerant such that it will not enter into the compressor in its liquid state. The accumulator can become clogged from time to time and will need to be resolved so that it will not create any serious problems on the A/C system later. What can you do about this? It helps to know how you can tell that the accumulator has been clogged.

Your Car is Not Cooling As Usual

Take note that it will only take about three minutes or so for your car to cool after the A/C has been turned on. When the A/C accumulator is clogged, you will notice that cooling the cabin will take longer than usual. At the worst, it can even be possible that no amount of cold air comes out from the air conditioner vents. This can result from the fact that too much dirt and debris have already accumulated in the accumulator thus resulting to clogging. This will prevent the refrigerant from circulating properly thus cold air can be decreased.

Car Refrigerant Causes Too Much Pressure

Depending on the amount of refrigerant in the system, pressure levels can be affected. Refrigerants are made to meet specific system requirements thus too much refrigerant can result to high pressure levels eventually leading to system malfunction. This is that instant that clogs the accumulator. Keeping track of any pressure changes will be important to prevent this from happening. High pressure reveals a range of around 225 to 240 psi while low pressure ranges in between 25 to 40 psi.

The A/C Produces an Unusual Odor

Air conditioning systems are made to regulate temperature as well as moisture that enter the cabin. If there is too much moisture in the system, bacteria and mold can grow thus resulting to an unusually unpleasant odor.  The drier is supposed to remove excess moisture in order for the system to work properly. When the drier fails, the accumulator gets clogged and the bad smell produced can be very bothersome.

You Notice a Leak in the Refrigerant

A refrigerant should never be mixed with moisture because when it does, corrosive acids are formed. When you have a clogged accumulator and liquid refrigerant gets into the compressor then corrosive acids can also come in. This will then allow the acid to destroy all other vital components in the system and can create holes in the hose fittings as well.

What Can You Do About it?

A clogged accumulator requires seeking the help of a qualified technician who can re-check the test you have made and see what can be done about the problem. He will be able to establish the extent of the damage as well and apply the necessary action needed to solve the concern.