How To Spot Porsche IMS Bearing Problems

A malfunctioning Porsche IMS bearing can be very dangerous because it can cause damage to your luxury car's engine. The good thing is you can prepare ahead of time for these catastrophes by having enough knowledge on how to identify such problems. From there, you can already give it the solution it needs so that your ride will run smoothly down the road. Here is how you can identify problems with Porsche IMS bearings.

Problems with the Seal

One of the reasons why the bearing goes bad is the seal. The original bearing seal in a Porsche car is only rated to reach a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to wear and tear, the seals can break down while also becoming hard. When this is the case, lubrication becomes a problem in the bearing thus causing it to spin in a forceful manner which can, later on, deteriorate the seal.

How do you know there are problems with the seal? You will be able to find all sorts of debris in the oil filter – from plastic, to metal to rubber. Using a magnetic drain plug, you will be able to attract all ferrous metals to give you a clearer example of how problematic the bearing is as of the moment. When the debris is larger, there is a reason to be alarmed because this can signal complete failure in the engine.

Large Oil Leaks in the Transmission and Engine

Your car will signal IMS failure once you have seen oil leak, a large amount, in the engine and transmission. This can be taken as an indication that there is a failure in the operation of the center bearing which will later on result to excess oil coming out of the engine. Once you have seen this, catastrophe may begin. Acting now may be too late when this is the case.

What to Do Next?

The problems specified above are not as simple as just cleaning the part then it is again good to go. As it was pointed out, the engine may turn out to be damaged during this time. When this is the case, you need to have the IMS bearing replaced right away. You can also perform more frequent oil changes using fully synthetic oil that is of high quality.

You do not have to wait for this to happen before performing an oil change however. You simply need to get your car serviced for every 3,000-mile intervals. Oil filters will need to be replaced in some case after inspecting and finding that there is a large amount of debris that disallows it to function accordingly.

There is no recommended service interval for IMS bearings and there are no requirements given as to when they should be replaced. Preventive maintenance will be needed so as to maximize the function of the bearings. When the situation calls for replacement, be ready to have the part immediately replaced. You have the Porsche IMS bearing readily available from OEM Exotic Parts.