How To Solve The Most Common Porsche Brake Light Problems

When you first spot brake light problems, what you should do is to identify what is causing the problem. Instead of scratching your head and never knowing what to do about the situation, it will be best to be educated in how to solve the problem. After all, some of these problems occur over and over again. If something goes wrong when you tap the pedal then you have to see if the problem belongs to the most common Porsche brake light problems and see how you can go about solving the problem.

Problems with Burned Out Bulbs

Burned out bulbs are one of the most common problems that can easily crop up from time to time. Why is this so? Think of how often you set your foot on the brake pedal and imagine what happens when you do. Stepping on the pedal will illuminate the bulb and every time you step on the foot brake then this bulb lights up for the entire time. Even if newer Porsche models have switched to LED light bulbs which are more efficient, burn out cannot be avoided. How can you solve this problem? You can simply pump the bulb out and replace it using accessible tools.

Problems with a Blown Fuse

When your brake light switch is doing just fine but still light does not easily illuminate on either side, then there can be a problem with the fuse. In order to check on this problem, you simply need to locate the fuse box in your vehicle. This is usually located under the hood but some can be found on the kick panel just inside the passenger compartment. You can see a diagram on the box cover or in the car manual and use that as the guide to solve your problem. Find the brake circuit fuse and check if it is not blown. If it is then you need to replace it, making sure that you get a fuse that has the same resistance.

Problems with Bad Brake Light Switch

Pushing the brake pedal will trigger a switch that will send a signal for your brake lights to turn on. There are times when these switches wear out or sometimes they can also get dirty. This will then prevent them from sending the right signal to the brake lights. This can compromise your safety down the road. In this case, you will need to replace the switch after your mechanic has tested the switch for any problem. There are instances when all bulbs may burn out simultaneously and when this is the case, you really have problems with a bad brake light switch.

Problems with a Bad Socket

There are instances when only one brake light burns out and sometimes the bulb is still good. In case this happens, the next thing to do is check the light socket. Sockets can become dirty or corroded and wiring may have worn out as well thus causing an intermittent connection. Snip the old wires and splice in the new socket and you are good to go.