How To Save Money When Buying Porsche Grille Assembly

There is no doubt about it, Porsche is the number 1 car to be seen with. However, the maintenance on it can be a bit steep, especially if you return to the dealership that sold it to you for every little repair or replacement part. They may be very qualified in what they do, but they also know how to charge you heavily for it. So, if your Porsche grille assembly needs taking care of what can you do to keep the price down? One of the best ways is to buy your parts online and take care of the work yourself or get someone to help you with it. Clearly, we are not talking about a detailed job here that can only be carried out by a qualified mechanic. However, minor repairs or replacement parts can be undertaken by anyone with just a little preparation and assistance. Before you start to panic, replacing a grille is a relatively easy task and there is a lot of information out there, including YouTube videos, to help you with this.

How Do I Know What Parts To Buy?

Before you buy anything, you will need to know which grille set to buy. There is no point buying a grille assembly kit to fit a Porsche Boxster if you own a Porsche Carrera. So, firstly, make sure you locate the correct grille for the correct Porsche model, and you can then ensure you have the correct part number. If in doubt you can always ask for help, but the information should be easily available.

Where Can I Buy The Parts?

You will need to ensure you buy genuine parts from a genuine Porsche parts dealer. You can buy less expensive Porsche grille assembly kits, of course, but they will be inferior, and they might not fit correctly. The best quality always costs a little bit more, but as you will fitting it yourself, or getting a mate to do it, you will be making huge saving on the cost of having it completed by a Porsche dealership.

Saving Money With Used Porsche Parts?

Many people think there is a way to save even more money by buying used Porsche parts. This is not generally recommended unless you know what to look for. The cost of a Porsche Grille assembly kit is relatively inexpensive, so you would not really want to consider a used part for this. The grilles tend to easily become discolored, rusty, broken or damaged, so you would not really be gaining anything of value by replacing it with a used one.

However, there are some Porsche parts that it may be worth considering buying as used, but if you do go down this route, the same rules apply: ensure you source only authorized dealers before parting with your cash, otherwise you may end up with the wrong part, an inferior part or no part at all and you will have to find what you need all over again. That means you will be paying twice. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there, don’t get caught out!