How to Replace Your Volvo Rocker Panel

When it comes to your Volvo rocker panel, different types of Volvos have different kinds of rocker panels. You will also notice that there is a left rocker panel and a right rocker panel. Some have “uniside” assembly. Always check the model of your Volvo against the part number of a Volvo rocker panel and make sure to match them up correctly. Check your owner's manual to see if there is a part number or ask your local Volvo dealer/manufacturer.

Now it's time to take a look at how to go about replacing your Volvo rocker panel. We’re going to keep this as simple as possible, so you might need to look into more detailed information if you plan on doing this job yourself.

Don't Rush in!

Take your time and don't rush into this repair. The last thing you want to do is mess up. That could mean anything from the job taking longer than it originally should have all the way to damaging your car’s structural integrity. Prior to the task, arrange everything as needed.

Another good thing to remember is that you may need to replace your floor as well as your Volvo rocker panels. They kind of go hand-in-hand. Because of their close proximity, if one is rust infested, it only stands to reason that the other may be as well. Remember that through the course of a year, lots of things wash up from the road’s surface: i.e., chemicals, slush, water, salt, and more.

The Parts You Use

If you're driving a Volvo, use Volvo rocker panels for replacement. The same goes for every other part on your Volvo. Using generic parts or customizing can lead to problems further down the line. Only Volvo parts were made for a Volvo.

Rocker panels in particular come in shapes that can be extremely complex. They have channels, facets, ridges, and more, that make them each unique. And many replacement parts have already been treated within under coating to protect against rust. They may have a satin finish, black tint, or red oxide tint. In places where spot welds will occur, you will either need to use newer welding techniques or strip small patches of the coating off.

Always do a trial assembly before installing parts permanently just to make sure everything fits together correctly.

Work in the Proper Order

Disassembly and assembly, when dealing with car parts such as Volvo rocker panels, should be done in reverse order to one another. It's a problem of accessibility, after all. If you can't reach something, you can't work on it.

Generally speaking, your work sequence should go as follows:

  • For removal – first, you will take off the floor panels. The rocker panel will follow. The membrane will be removed after the rocker panel. On the particular side of the car that you're working on, the final removal will be the outrigger.
  • For replacement – first the new floor panel will be installed. Attached second will be the outrigger. Thirdly, you will replace the membrane. And finally, the new rocker panel can be installed.

If you don't have the adequate automotive knowledge or the tools that you will need to do this job, it is far better left up to the professionals. But if you've got what it takes, order the right part and have at it. Just remember to stick with Volvo parts for all your Volvo car needs.