How To Replace Volvo Front Seats

Replacing your front seats can be a daunting task. Regardless if your purpose is to clean up any dirt that may have accumulate on or under the seat, or you are simply looking for a small item that may have slipped down under, this will never be an easy part of being a car owner. The truth is the entire thing can be done in a matter of minutes if you have the basic tools. It will also help replacing Volvo front seats if you become familiar with the following tips.

Think of this Reminder

Not all Volvo car models are the same when it comes to how the seats are setup. Modern car seats for the Volvo S40, V50, C30, and C70 have airbags that are placed in the side bolsters. This is part of the side impact protection system of the car. With these seats, you need to pay attention to important reminders, the most essential of which is to disconnect the battery before you unplug all other components.

Remove the Seats

After disconnecting the battery, you must never attempt to reconnect it unless you have replaced the seats securely. Remove the floor mats as well for easier access to the bolt covers along the seat rail. You must also remove the guide rail provided for the seat belt so that you can easily use the back seat while removing the front seat. The end cover can slide off using your hand and from there, you can remove the exposed bolt as well. You can slide the rail easily when you have removed the bolt.

You can now pry off the end caps found covering the seat rail bolts. You can use a ratchet and a socket for this process.  Once the seat has slid backward, you can remove the remaining caps covering other bolts on the seat rail. There are small release tabs on the front caps that must be removed. You need to depress this part using a flat head screw driver. Once all bolts have been removed, you can tilt the entire seat so that it can move backwards and you can access the wiring harness. Make sure that the seat is not lifted too far or the electrical connectors will be compromised.

Disconnect the Harness

The wiring harness can be found under the seat and must be moved a bit to provide better room as you work on replacing the front seats. You will simply need a screw driver so that you can easily remove the plastic release tab that connects the harness into a metal bracket. You have the option to remove the individual electrical connector or disconnect the harness entirely. When you are done disconnecting the harness, make sure that there is nothing else that connects the seat to the floor. From here, you can lift the seat and remove it from the vehicle.

Replace the Seats

You can proceed to making sure you have fulfilled the reason behind why you are removing the front seat. Clean the carpet, replace the covers, and do as you wish while the front seats are out the vehicle. Replace the seat thereafter. It simply requires following the above instructions in reverse order.