How To Replace Porsche Tail Lights Like A Pro

Just like headlights, tail lights can be very problematic at times too. They can turn out faded or can be broken, fogged, and cracked. It is so sad that many drivers neglect tail lights thinking that they will not pose any dangers in the same way as damaged headlights would. Take note that tail lights are just as important and if you want to keep safe on the road, you need to learn how to replace Porsche tail lights when they malfunction.

Prepare the Materials You will Need

One way to get the job done easily is to get all your tools ready in order to replace your tail lights. You will need sockets, ratchet, gloves, and screwdrivers as well. Do not forget your trim removal tools as well. Of course, you can order replacement tail lights from providers selling OEM Porsche auto parts.

Check Brake Lights

Before starting the entire job, you have to make sure that you have checked the brake lights in order to know if there are any burned-out bulbs on the brake lights. You can replace the bulbs right after you have prepared the materials you need.

Have Access to the Tail Lights

Make sure that you have disconnected the battery before doing so. Open the trunk or tailgate to give you access to the rear side of the taillights. Remove any destruction that will hinder your access to the lights. You may need to remove the spare tire and storage tray too. You must also have clear access to the back side of the lights.

Remove the Old Bulb

Start by locating then removing the bulb holders found at the back of the tail lamp assembly. You can remove the bulb holders by rotating them in a counterclockwise manner. Pull out all defective bulbs and replace with new bulbs. Make sure you wear gloves when you do so. Apply bulb grease to prevent corrosion and moisture. You will also need to quickly blast all the nuts and bolts in the tail lights with penetrating oil. Make sure that the socket is removed as well.  Remove the nuts to allow the tail light assembly to slide in easily.

Install the New One

Installing the new tail lights will be in reverse order as the ones you have previously performed. Slide the new assembly then tighten the bolts using your hands to make sure it is kept in place. Using the ratchet, tighten the bolts further paying particular attention to the housing. Replace the bulb holders as well and then close the trunk after you have replaced everything that you have removed. Reconnect the battery and check that everything is working fine.

Replacing Porsche tail lights are not as complicated as you think but just in case you want to make sure you can always ask the help of a professional mechanic to do the job for you. As long as you follow the instructions above, however, you can be sure you are doing the right thing in the entire process.