How To Replace Porsche Lighting Bulbs

Having knowledge on how to replace Porsche lighting bulbs matter a lot. You do not want getting caught in the dark or during the wee hours of the morning and your lights stopped working as you drive home. Traffic regulators may also charge you in case your lights do not work well at night. While most of you will opt to run to a service technician to help replace bulbs for you, it will help to know how the process goes. You can use your knowledge in replacing lighting bulbs during emergencies and you never have to worry about getting stuck in a dark, bumpy road once more.

Learn the Different Types of Lighting Bulbs in Your Porsche Car

Lighting bulbs in your Porsche cars are more than those tail lights and headlights that you are familiar with. There are a lot of other types of lighting bulbs present in this luxury car. You have license plate lights which are found on your license plates. There are also side marker lights that may need replacement later on. Learn how you can replace these lights in your luxury vehicle.

Replacing License Plate Lights

Authorities will always want to make sure your license plates are visible even at night time. Just in case any mishap happens down the road, it will be easy for them to track your vehicle. Changing the license plate lights will require some effort. Start by opening the tailgate and from there, get a screwdriver. Position the screwdriver's blade on the left part right on the light cover then lever off the light cover later on.

Once you have done this, you can remove the bulb and replace it accordingly. Make sure you clip the light cover once you have replaced the bulb and then close the tailgate thereafter. When the bulb is ready then make sure they are working accordingly.

Replacing the Side Marker Light

For the side market light, you will also need a screwdriver in order to remove the cap in the wheel housing liner. Using the same screwdriver inserted into the wheel housing liner opening, check that the screwdriver is parallel to that of the side market light housing, typically on the direction in which you are traveling. Press the screwdriver to allow you to disengage the spring found on the side marker light housing.

You can now proceed with removing the side market light. Make sure that you press the cable retaining clip before detaching the cable found on the bulb holder. When you are done with this part, you can remove the bulb socket, turning it counter-clockwise. Remove the defective bulb and replace it accordingly. Insert the bulb holder then turn it to the other direction, that is, clockwise, until you have it tightened in place. You can now push the cable on to the bulb holder until you hear a clicking sound that signals it has audibly engaged into the system.

Get Porsche OEM parts now and it will be easy to stock on lighting bulbs that you will need to replace a malfunctioning one.