How To Replace Porsche Front Wheel Bearings

When you happen to realize that you seem to have loose wheels or your wheels are producing a screeching sound, you must have seen a wheel bearing gone bad. This will call for immediate replacement of the ball bearing. You may need to focus on replacing your Porsche front wheel bearings first. Here is how you can do that.

Take the Wheel Off

This is the first thing you should do if you want to replace your wheel bearings. Gently lift the car up making sure that you can remove the tire safely. Take away the rattle clip so that the brake caliper will come off. Pry on the rattle clip aft with the help of a screwdriver. You will find two screws holding the brake caliper in place. Dust covers should be removed before removing the caliper. Use a wrench or socket to loosen the bolts. This will help you easily remove the caliper.

Assess the Rotors

The rotors may come into view when you have taken the wheel off. You may notice that holes in these rotors have been clogged with dust accumulated by the brakes. Typically, when rotors are brand new, holes on them are countersunk. This is made to help reduce stress concentrations on the brakes and to get rid of dust. If the rotor has already reached its lifespan, the holes become clogged with brake dusts. Once you have noticed this on your car, then you might want to replace the rotors and the brake pads later to give you a smoother ride.

Remove the Screws

Do this particularly to screws that have been holding the rotor onto the hub. Make sure you have a screwdriver ready. Place this in a cooling vane and make sure it is braced on the caliper mounting bracket in order to prevent the rotor from rotating. Using a wrench, you can now loosen the screw. You can easily remove the caliper mounting bracket from here.

Once the bracket has been removed, you can go back to removing the screws on the rotor. When they are off, the rotors will come off easily as well except if the rotors have already rusted while sitting on the hub.

Remove the Dust Cap and Wheel Speed Sensor

This is also found on the hub. You can remove it using a mallet and a screwdriver to help deform the cap's edge. Depending on how old the dust caps are, you may need some pounding to let them off. As for the wheel speed sensor, you can remove it by getting rid of the bolt that has been holding onto it.

Remove the Wheel Bearing Nut

Take off the nut using a socket that fits inside the hub. You may need a long breaker bar along the way. Bearing will come off easily when you have this on hand.

Replace the Wheel Bearing

With a new bearing waiting to replace the old one, you are about ready to finish the job. Make sure you apply grease on the spindle so that the bearing can easily press to it. It is best to apply force only on that part of the bearing where a text is found. You do not want to apply force to the outer part because this can separate the outer from the inner race. Torque the wheel bearing nut then place the rotor before installing the dust cap. Reinstall the wheel and you are about ready to drive.