How To Replace A Volvo S60 Alternator

Part of owning a prestigious and luxurious car such as the Volvo S60 is being familiar with the parts that make it function. Being familiar requires knowing how to replace some parts as the need arises. On this page, you will learn how to replace a Volvo S60 alternator. Make sure you have checked the amperage rating of the alternator first before making the replacement. This is found on the back of the alternator.

Prepare Your Tools and parts

Part of performing this job is to make sure that you have your tools and parts ready. Basically for this project, you will need sockets, wrenches, and a ratchet. You will also need a Torx bit set and a Volvo belt tensioner tool for your S60. For your parts, of course you need the alternator, and in addition a coolant. Once you have these ready, you can get to work.

Disconnect the Battery

You can access the battery from the trunk. Simply open the trunk and lift up the spare tire cover found in it. The battery compartment is found on the left. Disconnect the battery after you have removed the nuts and bolts using a 13mm socket. Make sure that the battery's hold down bracket has been removed as well. Disconnect the battery terminal's negative part after removing the battery cover. From there, place the battery to the side.

Remove the Serpentine Belt

This can be done right after locating the belt when you have opened the hood. Make sure that the power steering hose has been unhooked as well. This will help you easily work around the serpentine belt. Proceed to loosening the petcock to allow the coolant to drain into a bucket. You can reach this part from under the car right on the driver's side.

Look for the Belt Tensioner

Attach the belt tensioner to the belt tensioner tool, making sure that you rotate the tensioner in a clockwise motion. This will relieve tension and allow the belt to easily disconnect from the car. Make sure you have memorized the belt's routing so that you can easily bring the belt back to the car later. Prepare your wrenches to relieve the tension.

Remove Other Materials that Need to be Removed

As a precaution, remove the oil dipstick so you don't accidentally hit it with your hand and break off the handle. Loosen the clamps to disconnect the charge air pipe found above the engine. Routed wire must be unhooked as well. Do the same to the lower boost hose found on the intercooler side. Fan connections must be disconnected. Locate the power steering pressure line from the pump so that you can remove the power steering pump. Move this pump aside after.

Remove and Replace the Alternator

Start by disconnecting the power terminal's nut, making sure that you have pulled off the spade connector from the alternator's back. The upper radiator hose must be loosened and set aside, thereafter. Route the alternator to make sure you will not hit its upper hose neck as you replace the part. Compare the new alternator with the one you have removed then install it.

Finish the task by making sure you replace everything you have removed in the reverse order. Fill up the coolant with a combination of a part of the coolant mixture and a part of water.