How To Replace A Porsche Ignition Key

Your Porsche ignition key is an important part of the Porsche ignition system. Without it, you cannot turn the engine on and drive your vehicle. Losing the car key can create a lot of problems especially when you do not have a spare set readily available. If you cannot order a replacement right away from your car dealership then expect that it may take time for you to use your car. Does it really have to be that way? Here is what it takes to replace the ignition key.

Know What Your Ignition Keys are Like

Ignition keys can either be coded or regular. When your keys are coded, you will need to find a Porsche dealer in your area who can create the new key that you need as well as imprint the code onto the key. Coded keys have been introduced to make it more difficult for thieves to steal cars. For regular keys, locksmiths can simply make a duplicate without decoding anything.

Contact a Locksmith

Having mentioned the locksmith, you can run to him to create the auto keys for you. You may have a hard time looking for locksmiths that specialize in cars but just the same you can try your luck by looking at listings made in yellow pages. Just remember that it is not always possible for door locksmiths to work on ignition keys.

Order a Replacement Ignition Key

The locksmith who specializes in auto keys can readily give you what you need in a few hours provided he has that same key in stock or has access to the right one. Regular keys can be cut down to have the same size and shape as your original car key. The replacement key from the locksmith can be temporary though until such time that the emergency ignition key from an OEM Porsche parts provider will be delivered. If it is okay for you not to use the car until that day comes then do not bother calling a locksmith for help.

Check the Replacement Key

Before you even let the locksmith leave, you need to check if the new key is working. Insert it in the ignition and if the car happens to start right away then you are ready to go. If it does not work then you might want a refund for what you paid for. Ask a service shop or someone you love to help you bring home the car then wait until the properly fitted car key will be delivered. Ignition keys may need proper programming and you would not want using a car key that will not work a long time.

Visit an OEM Porsche Part Shop

This is to assure you are getting the key fitted for your car. The key of the locksmith can only be a temporary solution to the problem. You need help from an expert dealer of Porsche parts to get the key that you need. The key can be programmed according to your needs.