How To Plasti Dip Your Volvo Grille

Plasti dipping your Volvo grille is essential when the component has lost its color and faded. This can be brought about by washing your car regularly. Some of you may buy a replacement grille outright, and that is just fine. Those who do not have the budget yet, can settle for this procedure instead.

Avoid Washing the Grille

Do this at least 24 hours before you go on with the plasti dipping procedure. Remove hidden water using compressed air on all the grille creases. Take note that the product will not stick on the surface if there is moisture on it. Using isopropyl alcohol applied over a dry towel, you can lightly wipe the surface. Never spray alcohol directly on the surface. The alcohol helps ensure that oil and wax has been removed over the area.

Tape the Area

Ensure that you leave two inches of space from the edge of the masking tape right to the area where plasti dipping needs to stop. You can make an approximate of this instead of getting the exact measurement. This procedure creates a harder edge that will help ease out the removal process. Remove the grille if you are going to spray it with paint. In case you would want to leave the grille unremoved, you must make sure there is plastic or paper in between in and that of the radiator. This can keep the dip from blocking the fins.

Apply the Dip on the Surface

Start with a very thin base coat. From there, you can build layers slowly but surely. Make sure that the sprayer is around four to six inches away from the grille surface. Spray the area using side-to-side arm movements. Getting the right distance from your spray to the surface will ensure that the procedure is done perfectly, for better results. The technique is to allow the base coat to dry before applying another layer after 15 minutes. Do the same thing for the third and fourth coats.

Changing the Angle is Important

Applying another layer of paint over the area will require changing the angle with which you are working on the surface. This is important to ensure that you have missed parts covered during the succeeding applications. Once you are satisfied with the results, commonly after the fourth or fifth coating, you must allow the grille to dry for an hour.

Removing the Tape

Once the surface is dry, you can now begin removing the tape on one edge of the grille. Peel the edge upwards. Notice that the space between the grille, bumper, and hood looks more naturally colored if you peel the tape gently. Plasti dipping can save you a lot of money when done properly. Add to that, you can also customize results to your liking. What's more is that you can change the color from time to time, depending on your taste. The entire process will turn out successful if you follow the procedures above, and if you make sure that you have the tools you need for it.