How To Make The Most Of Your Volvo A/C Compressor System

Have you just spent hours under the heat of the sun and you are looking for cool air to welcome you anywhere you want to go? After a day's work, you certainly want to feel comfort right when you enter your car. You will usually be tempted to turn the A/C system on when you have started the car engine. The question is how will this process affect the functioning of a Volvo A/C compressor system? Will this impact the life of the unit? If you want to make the most out of the system then you have to remember the following tips.

The Fresh Air Mode

One of the common mistakes that you may commit when it comes to using your air conditioning unit is to blast it off to the coolest temperature when the engine is turned on. Remember that the unit has been under the heat of the sun for a long time. It is best to switch to Fresh Air mode first before you turn the switch higher. You just have to leave the unit working this way for three minutes.

The Fresh Air mode has been made to help expel hot air from the car. From here, the air will be replaced to a temperature of about 30 degrees Celsius. When you set the unit in this mode, you allow the A/C compressor to work properly. This is not to solve the problem with the 130-degree Celsius heat that the car accumulated when it is parked under the extreme heat of the sun. This is to help the car cool in a better manner. This will make the car cooler, faster.

The Re-Circulate Mode

From the Fresh Air mode, you can close the windows then turn the knob or switch to the Re-circulate Mode. This will help reduce the blower or fan speed without heating the air inside. Make sure that you do not put the car on Fresh Air mode for a long time as this can result to freezing or even an iced system. Once you have taken chunks of air on the A/C, you can re-circulate the air in the system.

The Face Mode

Another important thing that you should remember when turning on the A/C after a long day of exposing the car to extreme heat is to refresh the cabin first. You can do this by waiting a minute after starting the engine before turning on the A/C. From there, make sure that you open the windows and select the Face Mode. This is that mode where the air vents point towards passengers inside the car. The vents should not point at your feet. When you have done this, you are about ready to turn the temperature control dial so that the coolest level and highest speed is achieved.

Practice Makes Perfect

A lot of car drivers and passengers think that air conditioning systems must be put to work once you are inside the car. It may take time to realize that the modes explained above are very important in making the most out of the air conditioning unit and the compressor as well. This will guarantee that all parts from the condenser to the evaporator, will work as promised.