How To Know If Your Volvo Battery Is Dead

Your Volvo battery is best thought of as the car’s beating heart: If it ceases to function, so will the vehicle, which won’t be able to start or move. Given how important this component is, it is important to recognize the warnings signs which indicate the battery is about to die, so you don’t end up stranded. Below are some of the most common.

The Engine Cranks But Won’t Start

If you notice that the engine cranks when the key is turned, but doesn’t start, the battery is usually the cause. In a situation like this, you will need to use either a start jump box or jumper cables to make it run. Once this happens, remove the cable, and allow the car to sit idle for half an hour, so the alternator has time to charge the battery up. Once you get the vehicle to a safe location, you can test it by turning off the engine, waiting sixty seconds, and then turning it on again, just to make sure everything is working. Even if it is, it is best to simply replace the battery.

Cold Cranking Is Too Strenuous

Cold cranking involves amps which are tasked with giving the engine the necessary energy to initially start up each day. If you notice that it is taking increasing effort to make the vehicle start, this means the battery has a problem. Another example is when you’re sitting in the car, tapping your gas pedal and turning the keys, and you hear weak engine rotations without the vehicle actually coming on. If this happens three or more times in a weak, you need to get the battery changed.

Car Starts One Day, But Won’t The Next

A car that is starting intermittently is a telltale sign of battery terminals which are either lose, or calcified, broken or corroded. It is also possibly the result of parasitic draw (where power is drained as the result of a device which is on at a time when it should be off). Finally, there are times when wires come into contact with things that they shouldn’t.

The first thing you will want to do is inspect the battery cables, and make sure they fit firmly. They should be attached to their battery posts securely, and it should not be possible to wiggle them at all. Also look for cable damage or frays, as if present the cable will need to be replaced.

The Car Won’t Start, Crank Or Light Up

This scenario most likely means that the battery is completely dead. The battery is responsible for lighting up the car, even when the alternator is not operating, so if the car seems completely dead, then it is almost certainly the battery. If no juice is present to activate the lights or turn the engine over, there might also be an issue with the alternator.