How To Know If Your Porsche Windshield Is Not Installed Correctly

You are unlikely to feel the wind in your hair due to your Porsche windshield being fitted incorrectly, but you might be aware of slight leaking of rainwater into the car, and that is a sure sign that something is not right. So, how can you tell if you have a problem with your Porsche windshield? Here are a few ways:

Strange Noises When Traveling At Speed?

One of the most immediate telltale signs of improper fitting is a kind of hissing sound when driving at speed. This noise is due to the passing of air into any small fissures or cracks. If you are not sure there is one easy way to tell. Turn off all noise in the car, including music, aircon, etc., and put your foot down! You will soon hear a whoosh or a hissing sound if there is an issue. The loudness of the sound can vary, so you might need to listen carefully for a time.

Water Seeping In?

As suggested earlier, any signs of seepage or water leaking is a sure sign there is an issue with the windshield. Water can get into the tiniest of spaces without any help at all. If you notice this then you need to have your windshield replaced as quickly as possible, as the problem will get worse as you continue to drive with it in that poor state of repair.

Is Your Glass Waving At You?

When you look at your windshield from the side or in sunlight, does the glass look wavy? Yep? Oh no, it should look smooth all the way across. This is a sure sign of an inferior job and it looks like the glass was not obtained from a reputable manufacturer of Porsche windshields.

Was There Any Waiting Time Between Your Windshield Installation And Your Driving The Car Away?

Hopefully, the answer to that is yes. However, if you drove your car straight away after a windshield was installed, then you may have caused damage to it. The adhesives securing the windshield needs to have a little time to bed in and set properly in order to ensure the windshield remains in its correct position. Driving immediately after the replacement windshield installation can cause it to shift, no matter how careful you drive, and we all know that Porsche drivers are amongst the most careful and slow drivers – right!

One Man Installation

We know every business has to make a profit, but if the company you dealt with for your Porsche windshield installation only used one person to do the job then you can bet it has been incorrectly fitted. It doesn’t take a genius to know the glass needs to be held steady and firm for fitting. Can one person do that on both sides of the car – very unlikely!

What Can You Do About A Faulty Windshield Installation

Well, the first thing to establish is that it has been incorrectly fitted and if that is the case the company has a duty to fit another one and in a correct manner. Of course, if they thought they were doing a great job in the first place, it is highly unlikely you would want them to do it again! Therefore, you should consult with a reputable quality Porsche parts dealer to ensure you are safe and you get the job done right first time. Don’t leave your safety to chance.