How To Keep Volvo Aluminum Rims Shiny

Aside from keeping your car in good working condition all the time, it is also important to make it aesthetically appealing. There are certain components to work out on for this purpose. Among them are your car wheels and rims. Here is how you can keep your Volvo aluminum rims shiny.

Aluminum Wheels and What they Do

Aluminum wheels come in different designs. These make them ideal for upgrading the look of the vehicle from time to time. They are lightweight and can easily spruce up the ride's appearance. They are sleek and do not require a lot of maintenance. While some of you may be tempted to regularly wash the surface in order to get rid of grime and dirt, remember that there is a tendency that the material will fade and discolor. Polishing and cleaning them is the key.

The Best Time to Polish Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum rims are best polished after you have washed your car. Using a wand wash (or your hand), you can keep the car clean first. Pay more attention to getting rid of dirt on your wheels, making sure that brake dust have been scrubbed from the aluminum surface. Get rid of dirt from the wheels' inside edges.

Clean the Wheels

Use a degreaser to lift excess road grime and brake dust from the surface of your wheels. Scrub the surface using soap and get a pressure washer to rinse it after. Make sure that soap residues are completely removed from the wheels. Otherwise, water marks will be evident on the surface. The secret here is to never polish aluminum rims when they are dirty. Doing this will scratch and embed dirt on the aluminum surface.

Clean the Aluminum Surface

Check if the surface is coated or is bare. Aluminum wheels that have been sprayed with clear coat will not require any other special treatment except for the carwash and degreaser that you have performed earlier. If it is not coated, you need to use a polish over the wheels. Make sure that you use clean cloth to polish the surface. Apply only a small amount of aluminum polish. Use aluminum-safe wheel cleaner, making sure that the face of the wheel is completely covered in it. Allow the cleaner to sit for over 15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing it. Dry the wheel using a clean cloth. Repeat the procedure for the remaining wheels on your car.

Polishing the Aluminum Wheel

Put polish either on a foam applicator pad or a clean cloth, then wipe the cleaner on the surface. Work on small areas one at a time instead of applying the polish on the surface at one time. Rub the polish along the machined wheel surface. Use circular motions when doing so. Using a clean and dry cloth, you can wipe the polished surface.

Sealing the Wheel

Sealing can be done using an aluminum wheel wax. This keeps the surface protected from harmful elements. Allow the wax to dry fully and wipe the dried surface using a clean, dry cloth, after.