How To Install Volvo A/C Compressor System

Installing an A/C compressor system is not as easy as removing the old one then replacing it with the new unit that you have purchased. There are some other processes that need to be considered in the entire process. For installing a Volvo A/C compressor system, you should consider all the tips provided below to help you with.

Flush and Evacuate the System

Take note that replacing an A/C compressor system is brought about by an already failing old compressor. This can be due to two main reasons. One is because it lacks oil thus burning out the system. Another is because of contamination, or that where the AC mechanism comes in contact with debris that can lead to its malfunction.

When any of these two reasons exist, you simply need to replace the AC compressor. Before you even do so, it is recommended that the system must be flushed and evacuated. This should be done before parts of the system are changed. When you are done with this process, you must check for any metal flakes or discoloration. Check whether there are impurities left right after flushing it. You will need to re-flush in case you spot some. If the system remains contaminated after re-flushing, you need to replace not just the condenser, but the evaporator and hoses as well.

Install the A/C Compressor Oil

One of the most important parts of installing an A/C compressor system is to make sure that it has been properly supplied with quality oil. While some providers sell compressors that are pre-oiled, others will require that you take charge of this part of the task. Some pre-oiled compressors may lose the amount of oil supplied in them during their shipment. This will mean that you should check if it still has the needed amount of oil when it is shipped to you.

Make sure that you only use high quality oil in the process. This will ensure that the system will not break down right away. You have to check that you are buying the oil that is designated for your compressor. This liquid comes in different viscosities which you must be aware of. For pre-oiled compressors, it will also help to flush out the oil and start with a refill of premium oil into the system.

Install the Freon

Never go for refrigerant or Freon alternatives. You must make sure that you only get high quality Freon that works with the gaskets and seals found inside your car's A/C compressors. Alternatives will also void the warranty of your car parts. Buy only sealed refrigerants from trustworthy sources. There are plenty of fake products being sold in the market. You have to watch out for them.

Install the Drier

The drier filters out debris and other substances that get into the AC system. These can also be replaced with accumulators, depending on your car models. They work the same way. You need to get a new drier when you replace your old compressors. The desiccant found inside the drier pulls debris and moisture from the system.

Install all Other Parts

Apart from all the parts installed above, you will need to install A/C compressor O-rings to make sure that the AC will not leak. Then there is the expansion device, also known as expansion valve, orifice tube, or expansion block. This will lessen the pressure in the system. Install a compressor switch as well. This part is crucial in making sure that the AC system does not freeze up.