How To Install Porsche A/C Compressor

Nothing can be more agonizing than sitting in a hot car in scorching heat. It is an awful feeling, and no one would enjoy discussing about it. If you are looking to replace or install a new A/C compressor for your Porsche automobile, here’s a little guide to help you out.

Flush And Evacuate

Oil starvation and contamination are two of the biggest reasons behind a faulty AC compressor. Replacement is necessary when either of these conditions exists, and it is important to flush and evacuate before starting the installation. One should always use an air conditioning system flush solvent. In case the contamination is hard to go by, better consider replacing the condenser.

Installing A/C Compressor Oil

Proper supply of quality oil is an integral part of AC compressor installation, as it ensures there is no system breakdown over a period of time. Oil starvation leads to oil decomposition, leading to formation of debris. Each A/C compressor is meant to work with a specific oil type. On exposure to atmosphere, oil can decompose quickly. Hence, flushing out the old oil and starting with a fresh refill is recommended. Check out the vehicle manual, as many compressors need half of oil to be filled in drier and the other half in the compressor.

Installing Refrigerant

Special care must be taken in what type of refrigerant you are using for your system. Only use a sealed refrigerant from a reliable source, and not the shiny ones that have performance enhancers and leak sealants. There are a lot of fake products in the market that can seriously damage your AC system. Your dispenser needs to have both a trigger and a pressure gauge. Do not buy the refrigerant/dispenser combos.

Installing Drier

Drier is a key component that filters out debris in the AC system. A few models have a receiver-drier, while others have an accumulator. There is a desiccant element inside every drier that pulls debris and moisture from the system. Moisture is dangerous, since it alters the oil viscosity and ruins the system.  Just like the engine oil is not changed without changing the oil filter, the same applies to AC systems. You don’t want your old drier to dump back the debris into the system.

Installing AC Compressor Switch

The AC compressor switch ensures that the AC system does not freeze up. Once the pressure drops below a certain level, the power is switched off to prevent freezing up. Follow these steps to install AC compressor switch!

  • Draining all the refrigerant in the compressor
  • Removing the old switch and replacing with the required component.
  • Using an AC gauge set, remove all condensation from the compressor.
  • Addition of new refrigerant. Make sure the fluid meets the specification of your car’s AC compressor.
  • Start up your car after turning off the engine for a few minutes. Turn the AC on maximum power, after the engine has ran for 5 minutes. Make sure that the switch is working. You would be able to heat the switch engaging after a few minutes.