How To Install Porsche A/C Accumulator

Your Porsche A/C accumulator is one of the most important parts of your luxury car's air conditioning system. It specifically functions as a filter that helps capture not just any debris but also moisture that may interfere with the functioning of the unit. You have to remember that whenever you are replacing your Porsche A/C compressor, it follows that you must also change the accumulator and likewise flush the system accordingly. This should be done in order to prevent any possibilities of destroying the newly installed A/C compressor. If you wonder how you can install the A/C accumulator on your Porsche ride, here are steps you must critically follow.

Start with the Recovery Process

This is the same process where you should recover the refrigerant. You can start by using the specific refrigerant recovery machine. Make sure that the air conditioning system is turned on when you are doing the recovery process. Check the amount of oil that you have recovered in the process. Once you have done this, you can disconnect the refrigerant recovery machine and proceed to other steps.

Uninstall the Old Accumulator and its Parts

Check on the lines that connect the A/C system to the accumulator. These ones must be removed before you remove the accumulator bracket. Once done, you can now remove the accumulator the bracket so that it can be easily removed from the vehicle. There are O-rings that must also be removed from the lines.

Install the New A/C Accumulator

Make sure that your new A/C accumulator comes complete with parts that you have removed from the old one. It must come with O-rings which should be installed to the lines connecting the A/C system and the accumulator. These new parts must be lubricated though. Once you have installed the rings, you can install the new accumulator together with its bracket into the vehicle. The bracket will help secure the newly-acquired part into the vehicle. Finish the installation by tightening the accumulator lines.

Remove any Moisture from the System

Once you have installed your new A/C accumulator, you must make sure that the A/C system is in tiptop shape. First, you have to remove any moisture that has accumulated in the system. You can do so by connecting a vacuum pump to the side connectors of the system. Running this pump for at least five minutes will exhaust the moisture that is currently in the unit. Once you have evacuated moisture from the system and have removed the vacuum pump, you can inject oil into the A/C unit.

Recharge the System

Look for your manifold gauges then connect them to the A/C system. Open the tank valve after you have placed the supply tank on the scale and charge the A/C system through the aid of the refrigerant. Make sure that both high and low side valves are opened so that the refrigerant can flow better.

Test the Air in the Car

Determine whether it is cold enough by sitting inside the car for a few minutes and feeling the air that circulates inside it. You can also use a thermometer to check the temperature coming out of the air vents.