How To Install A Porsche Orifice Tube

One of the most important parts of your Porsche A/C system is the Porsche orifice tube. The part functions by restricting the manner by which the refrigerant moves into the unit. This will then help in transforming the refrigerant pressure from high to low just before it flows to the system evaporator.

Due to the function that the orifice tube plays, you have to take note that it must work properly at all times. You need to replace it when the time comes and when you find out it needs replacement, you should learn how to install one. Here are steps to bear in mind.

Have a Review of the A/C System and its Parts

There are various Porsche A/C system parts and reviewing will help you know which ones you should uninstall together with the orifice tube. Make it a point that you do not remove parts that are not necessary in uninstalling the tube. Since there are different types of tubes in the unit, you must be familiar which among them the orifice tube is. When you are unsure, it will always be good to bring out the car's repair manual.

Find Where the Orifice Tube is

Running through the manual will allow you to easily locate the orifice tube. The part is commonly found in a line that is found between the A/C condenser and the front evaporator. Locate the 'Y' junction in between these parts and you will find the orifice tube right at the mounting of the Porsche's radiator, the side in particular.

Disconnect the Tube from the System

You can use either an open-ended or a coupling wrench when doing so. Loosen up the coupling located after the junction box's liquid line. The connection is located specifically at the upper end of the box, a few inches away from the radiator.

Remove the Old Orifice Tube

There is a small rubber seal that should be removed from the line before removing the orifice tube. This can be located on the liquid line coupling. The seal can be easily removed using a screwdriver or pliers. From here, using the same tool, you can remove the orifice tube. Pay particular attention as to how you can carefully remove the piece by making sure that you twist back and forth in a gentle manner. Once the orifice tube is set free, you can easily remove it without breaking the piece off.

Install the New Tube

Installing the new tube will mean going through the same steps as mentioned above but only in a reverse manner. Make sure that the smaller section of the tube points away from the coupling and that the new tube fits the same way as the old one. Before connecting the tube to the unit, you must also have a new seal ready. Press this seal onto its place and from there, you can connect the coupling. End up the process by tightening the nuts with a wrench. Charge the A/C unit once all lines are secured.