How To Install A Porsche AC Accumulator

Do you hear rattling noises while your air conditioning system is turned on? It must be a failing accumulator whose internal components have loosened up or due to a leaking refrigerant. This may also be accompanied by a moldy smell caused by moisture buildup in the accumulator. Deciding to replace the Porsche AC accumulator requires learning how to install one as well. Here are tips to help you with.

Recover the Refrigerant

Using a refrigerant recovery machine, connect the high side part of the hose, the red one, to the smaller service port. The blue part will then be connected to the larger service port. Turn the machine on and make sure you refer to the user manual for specific instructions. Make sure that you measure whatever oil you have recovered from the system because this amount will be the same you will fill in the system later on. Disconnect the machine after.

Remove the Accumulator

First thing you should do in this step is to remove all lines that connect the accumulator to other parts of the air conditioning system. You must do this before you remove the accumulator bracket. Once you are finished, you can now disconnect the accumulator from the bracket and that of the vehicle. You may need a spray to free the accumulator from these lines. Consequently, remove the old O-rings from the lines and replace with new ones.

Install the Accumulator

When you have installed the new O-rings to the accumulator lines, make sure that the rings have been lubricated in order to prevent it from breaking once you install the accumulator. This will also keep the O-ring from cracking, drying out, and shrinking over time. From here, you can install the accumulator and then the bracket into the car. Secure the accumulator with the bracket. Tighten these brackets as well as all lines that connect to the accumulator.

Evacuate Moisture from the System

After installing the accumulator, you must make sure that the system has been evacuated of moisture too. You can place it in a vacuum and connect the vacuum pump on the respective low and high side connectors on the car. Vacuuming allows better evacuation of moisture in the system. You need to go through this process to prevent the system from reacting with the refrigerant which can later on create an acid that is responsible for system corrosion. Run the vacuum for at least five minutes. Inject oil into the AC and connect the injector to the low side.

Recharge the System

This is important to test if the Porsche AC system is capable of reaching equilibrium. In case it does not take in the needed amount after charging, you will need to start the car and make the A/C compressor work to allow more refrigerant amounts to enter the system. Make sure that the high side valves are closed when doing so in order to prevent the supply tank from rupturing. Finish filling the system via the low side valve. Check the temperature and see if the system is running smoothly.