How To Identify That Your Porsche A/C Is Low On Refrigerant

Your Porsche A/C system is something that gets a lot of use once the weather starts to warm up. However, suddenly one day you turn it on and what’s that – hot air streaming into your face. Something is amiss. Is the air conditioning broken, or could it be a simpler problem, such as it is low on refrigerant? Here are a few ways to tell if it is just low on refrigerant.

What is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is how your air conditioning unit creates cold air. It is a specially formulated mixture that is designed to transform hot air into the cold air you recognize from you’re A/C unit.

It’s All Hot Air

Well, as you already guessed, hot air is a sign that your air conditioning unit could be low on refrigerant, although this can be indicative of other problems too. You might notice the refrigerant is low before you get to the hot air stage. For example, you might have noticed for some time that your Porsche is not quite as cool inside as it once was. Not everyone notices small things, so that lukewarm air may have missed you for some time, but you can’t ignore hot air blowing.

Strange Hissing Noises

If you hear a strange hissing noise, your refrigerant may be leaking out, in which case not only do you need more refrigerant, but you also need to address the leak.

Ice On The Line

You are not likely to notice ice on your refrigerant line unless you look under the hood, and you probably won’t do that unless you notice something is wrong with your Porsche A/C. The reason there will be ice on the refrigerant line is due to a fall in pressure causing low temperatures, allowing the evaporator coil to freeze.

What’s That Smell?

If you notice a nasty or strange smell when you turn on your Porsche A/C, then this could be due to mold growing inside the air conditioning unit. This might not be a sign that your refrigerant needs attending to, but it sure gets your attention quickly and needs dealing with.

Leakage Is The Only Way To Lose Refrigerant

Generally, the only way to lose refrigerant is with some form of leak. Over time rubber hoses or seals can deteriorate or the rubber break down and lose elasticity, causing small holes, through which the leaks can occur. Leaks are generally quite small so are relatively difficult to spot. Some people suggest putting a dye into the system so that you can spot a leak of coolant, but that seems a bit of a bind. The best thing to do if you suspect a leak or any kind of problem with your car’s air conditioning is to have it looked at by someone who knows what they are doing.

Can I Just Top Up The Refrigerant?

Your air conditioning coolant cannot just be topped up like brake fluid or windshield wash, as this is illegal. You need to obtain the services of a properly trained Porsche technician to deal with it. In any event, if you had a serious problem with the air conditioning unit and just topped up the coolant, you could compound that problem into something a lot more difficult to rectify.