How To Identify A Falling Volvo Ignition

Car problems hardly ever crop up without a warning. More often than not, there are red flags that can help you identify where a problem is. Take your car ignition problem for instance. The chances of the whole system breaking down promptly without any sign are very slim. This is by all means a good thing on your part as a car owner because it means you will have the time to fix a problem before it worsens. It gets even better if your car is a Volvo because Volvo ignition systems are designed to perfection. They do not fail out of the blues. So how exactly do you identify a failing Volvo ignition? What could be the reason or reasons why the ignition refuses to start in the first place?

Troublesome Ignition After Attempted Vehicle Theft

 Volvo cars are almost impossible to steal. This especially applies to the latest models fitted with security measures designed to bar theft. This often frustrates burglars who in most cases do not understand how car ignition systems work.  Most end up tampering and messing up with the ignition system. So the next time you start your car and it fails to start or it takes ages to start, check your car’s secret cam. Chances are, someone tried start the car and in the process, messed up with the system. There isn’t much you can do here but replace the whole ignition system.

Jammed Up Wafers

This applies to ignition systems that use keys. Each key ignition is fitted with a set of wafers that are designed to index with each corresponding cut on your ignition key. Over time, these parts accumulate dirt and grime. The parts may also wear out.  Dirt and grime will eventually make it hard for the switch to start. As for the wear and tear factor, replacing the system stands out as the best solution. So try to first examine your key and the switch for dirt and grime.  Note that individual wafer replacement may be necessary.

Ignition Light

Any car owner will tell you for a fact that they dread a malfunctioning security light. It could blink because the transponder does not communicate with the PCM.  It could also mean that the computer chip responsible for automating the ignition system has lost its programming or is no longer functional.  There are two possible solutions here. You can reprogram the existing key or you can duplicate the existing cuts. Remember that for the latter option, you will have to program the new key afresh. All you have to do is consult a locksmith expert who is conversant with how Volvo ignition systems work.

They Ignition Key Goes In Halfway

The ignition key may go in halfway or completely refuse to go in. In most cases, this means there is a foreign object lodged somewhere in the ignition system. Forcing the key to go in can worsen the problem or break the key. Many times, the foreign object can be removed by a locksmith without replacing the entire ignition switch. With that in mind, always have a car locksmith number on your speed dial just in case.