How To Identify A Bad Porsche Ball Bearing Sound

Your car's ball bearings, like your brake pads, can be one of the most abused parts of your car. Since they make sure that your tires are rotating efficiently and they make sure they keep the friction to a safe level, they are expected to wear out with bad use. One of the things that may dictate when it is time to replace your ball bearing is the unusual sound you will hear. Want to know when it is a bad Porsche ball bearing sound? The following things will help you identify one.

How Does a Bad Ball Bearing Sound Like?

It is not easy to know if your wheel bearing has failed unless you feel like it is producing an excessive road noise. Sometimes, however, you have to take note that the same noise may be an indication of worn out tires. Even your suspension can make the same noise as those you have encountered with ball bearings and tires. In order to tell whether it is a bad ball bearing sound or not, you need to rule out all other problems causing the noise. Rotate your car tires to determine whether it produces noise or if the noise changes. If it does change after you have done this, you can attribute the noise to your wheels but if it does not then the sound you heard is from a bad ball bearing.

How About Vibrations?

Vibrations are common when wheel bearings become pitted as a result of water having the chance to get inside the bearing or a ball bearing that has worn out. It is important to run in lower speeds to less than 5 miles per hour to be able to feel vibrations as you drive along. Running at higher speeds will only make you think that the noise is just but usual at the rate you are going.

In order to help you find out whether the vibrations are ball bearing attributed or not, it pays to lift your wheels up from the ground. Each wheel should be lifted one by one. From there, spin each wheel to see if there is a dragging or rumbling sound while it spins. A sign that the sound is wall bearing attributed is when you feel some wobbling on your hands while spinning these tires.

Why Do Wheel Bearings Go Bad?

There is nothing else to blame than the way you drive. Every revolution you made down the road plus the weight of the vehicle can make even the best ball bearings go bad. Moisture can also seep into the bearing grease which will later on result to an earlier wear and tear for your bearings. This moisture does not simply come in if you drive in the rain. It is more likely of a problem if you happen to drive through standing water. In this case, it will be easier for moisture to crawl in to the bearing.

Replacing your ball bearings is the best answer if you happen to encounter bad noise while you drive along the road. As soon as you have established that the noise is indeed related to the wearing out of the wheel bearings, you should look for OEM Porsche parts right away.