How to Get Your Volvo Car Winter-Ready

The cold weather is headed our way and being safe while travelling in your Volvo car is a top priority. Winter weather makes road conditions unpredictable; one minute the road is dry, the next minute there is a sheet of ice or a pile of slush and snow. Bring your Volvo car to a service station to make sure your transportation is reliable. Don’t get a flat tire or be without heat in the middle of a snowstorm. Get to know your vehicle and how to take care of it. There are just a few systems of your car to check before it gets even colder. Here are a few suggestions:

Get the Brakes and Rotors Checked

If it’s been awhile since your last service date or car inspection, it’s important to get your Volvo car to your service center soon. Make sure your entire vehicle is ready to take on winter. That’s especially important if you hear squeaking or grinding as you drive. Those noises are a sign that something is not right with your car. You may need to replace your rotors or brake pads. It’s difficult enough to drive on snowy and icy roads – be sure your brakes are in good shape.

Look at Tires and Treads

Of course, even good brakes won’t help you drive safely on slippery roads if your Volvo car has bald tires. You still need a firm grip on the road. Check the treads of your tires. If they seem bare, have all four of them replaced. Ask about whether you should be using winter tires. Rotating the tires is also important for your Volvo car, so that you get as many miles as possible from them.

Years ago, rear wheel drive cars only needed winter tires on the back. It helped the car to get moving on snow or ice. However, modern tires are now designed with special compounds for cold weather. Customers should consider replacing all four tires with ones specially designed for winter. It may be unsafe to only replace two tires on your Volvo car because it can change the handling and be unsafe. For winter driving, you’ll need slightly smaller tires, with rubber compounds and grooves that can remain pliable even in colder temperatures. This will save on the wear and tear of your summer tires as well, helping them to last longer.

Get Your Heater and A/C Checked

It’s no fun to drive in the winter with no heat in your Volvo car. In addition, warm air is necessary to keep your windshield clear and frost free. To test the heat, turn it on high and check how hot the blowing air gets. If it doesn’t feel warm enough, make an appointment with your service station to have it checked. Better to do it now than when it’s already frigid!

Don’t wait one more minute. Contact your Volvo dealer or a service station soon and set up an appointment to have all the systems in your Volvo car checked. Be safe this winter.