How To Fix Common Porsche Windshield Wiper Problems

Windshield wipers are perhaps the most neglected parts of any vehicle for that matter. After all, you can only put them to good use whenever it is raining outside and you want to make sure that visibility is clear from the inside during the said occasion. Why wait for problems to arise when you can prepare ahead of time for these problems? It pays to know more about common Porsche windshield wiper problems and how you can fix them.

Water Smears in Both Directions

When you notice that your windshield wipers seem to be smearing water in both directions, what do you think you should do? This one is actually caused by either dirty blades which need cleaning, or a dirty windshield which again needs cleaning. It can also be because of poor quality wiper fluid which will need replacement. Cleaning the windshield blades will require using a microfiber cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe off the dirt. If this does not work, then windshield wiper blades will need to be replaced.

Blades Do Not Work in Harmony with Each Other

This is a minor windshield wiper problem that is often neglected. You have to remember that wiper blades always have to rotate in a synchronized manner in order for them to deliver their function, that is, to clear the windshield of dirt, snow, debris, and water. When these blades do not work in such motion, you can take it as a sign that the wiper arm may be loose or the linkage may have worn out. In this case, the solution is to tighten any loose screw or repair the linkage as the case may be.

A Crushing Noise in the Wiper

Windshield wipers should work flawlessly when turned on. This means that there should not be any sign of disturbing noise that will seem to crush the windshield. If you happen to notice such a noise produced when turning the wipers on, you can take that as a sign that the blade arm has been tightly attached to the linkage. In this case, the blade gears will scrape thus producing that crushing noise. This irritating noise is not normal and has to be checked right away. Otherwise, the motor might get burnt out before you know it.

Chattering Noise

A Chattering noise will definitely be as disturbing as a crushing noise as this can leave marks whenever you are using the wiper on your windshield. This happens because of the buildup of oil, wax, and grease on the blades. In this case, the blades and the windshield will need some cleaning. Check if the wiper has been bent too as this may be the culprit. When you notice this, you need to get your pliers ready so that you can twist the arms and make it parallel to the windshield surface.

Windshield wipers must be inspected every now and then. You do not know what the weather will be outside when you are out for a ride. It is better to get these parts prepared before hitting the road, whether during short or long trips.