How To Fix A Problematic Volvo Expansion Valve

The Volvo expansion valve is one of the most important parts in making the entire car A/C system function properly. If the part becomes defective, the system will not be able to perform its job. One of the pre-determinants of a problem in your car's A/C system is a problem with the expansion valve. You will be able to fix this concern depending on the following areas that need to be addressed.

A/C Starts Blowing Warm Air

When you notice that your car's A/C system starts blowing air that is warmer than usual, you can take that as a sign that the system is no longer able to deliver what is expected out of it. This can be an indication of a faulty expansion valve as well. The valve is important in making sure that refrigerant flow is regulated as needed by the A/C system. When there is too much refrigerant in the system, it will tend to freeze. In like manner, when there is too little refrigerant in the system, there is a tendency that the system will overheat, thus making it inefficient in carrying on its function.

Compressor Runs Constantly

This is another sign that comes with a faulty expansion valve. A constantly running compressor is brought about by failure of the expansion valve to open which leads to a continuous refrigerant flow into the system. This will cause strain on the compressor and all its components. This will lead to failure if the expansion valve is not fixed right away.

Frost from the A/C Evaporator

Once you notice that frost comes out of the evaporator or vents of the system, it means that there is something wrong with the expansion valve. The refrigerant will then flow and freeze over because it is already unmetered. Frost will show up as signs of problems coming out of the vents. This will affect the efficiency of the system, thus dictating that there is a need to replace the expansion valve or the evaporator, as the case may be.

Solutions for Expansion Valve Problems

Expansion valves cannot be cleaned and then reused again so that they can make the A/C system work. They have to be replaced once they malfunction. Otherwise, you will encounter problems with coolant leaks that can aggravate the functioning of the A/C. An attempt to replace the expansion valve will require considering other parts important in the process.

Make sure that any leaks will be sealed. Make it a point that you have replenished the refrigerant as well. You will need the help of a technician when refilling refrigerant into the system. Make sure that you replace the filter in the A/C system as well. This can be found right near the expansion valve. The filter can get clogged and may be causing the problems in the system. When you allow dirt to sit in the filter for a long time, the expansion valve will be compromised. This can even lead to permanent damage not just to the filter but to the valve as well.