How To Fit A Volvo Towbar To Your Car

Many people think that tow bars are not really necessary. But if the situation calls for it, whether you see a car that needs help down the road or a companion who cannot start his auto, your Volvo towbar will be a great help. It will also be of help to support your brake lights and indicators as the case may be. Wonder how you can fit one to your ride? Here are tips to help you with.

Get Ready for It

Getting ready means noting how much time and effort you will need to do the job. Approximately, you will need to spend four hours completing the entire task. Yes, it will be difficult if you are not really an auto mechanic. You need some mechanical skills to be able to do it. Make sure you have everything in your toolbox so that you won't have to add up on the time you have allocated for the entire job.

Your Car Must be Ready as Well

This calls for disconnecting all electrical systems that are providing the power to your car's rear bumpers. You need to disconnect the cable found on the negative terminal of the battery. From there, you can unplug the cable that connects to the bumper's fog light. To avoid confusion with wires that you will disconnect here and there, it pays to prepare sticky labels to mark every wire you have removed.

Take Off the Car Bumper

Removing the car bumper will be the next thing you should do. There are bolts there that you have to deal with. Carefully remove each bolt so that the bumper won't go off unexpectedly. Once all bolts have been removed, hold onto the bottom of the bumper and release the clips one at a time.

Be Familiar with the Bolt Holes

The chassis contains two holes, which are purposely placed there for those of you wanting to fit a towbar to the car. In case these holes are not available in your Volvo car model, make sure that you will use the brackets that are included in the towbar kit. This will allow the towbar to hang flawlessly off your vehicle's rear.

You are Ready to Install the Tow Bar

There are metal edge protectors and plastic materials that should be removed from the installation holes. Use the bolts as well as the bracket sets found in the kit during the installation process. Tighten the bolts properly and make sure that the towbar is secured in place. Check such that the holes' heights are in uniform position.

Wire in the Towbar Lights

This is the final step to fitting a towbar to your car. This can be very tricky and you need to be familiar with how wires must be splined to existing cables that run your taillight. You need your user manual to check on the colors and functions that each wire represents. It will be good to make sure that you buy a kit that is best suited for your car's wiring so as to complete the task in time.

Remember to test out the towbar with a caravan or a trailer. It will be best to do that on a road where there is little traffic. Ensure your safety at all times when testing the newly-installed towbar.