How To Find Porsche IMS Bearing

There has been a real issue with the Porsche IMS bearing. If you have a Porsche, by now you will have heard many horror stories about what can go wrong. Although this is a tiny component of your engine, it does a very big job.

What is IMS Bearing?

The initials IMS stand for intermediate shaft. This is a gear shaft that runs through from the front to the rear of the engine. The job of the intermediate shaft is to drive the camshafts (located on both sides of the engine). The problem does not lie with the intermediate shaft, it lies with the IMS bearings. The main issue is that there is not enough lubrication for the bearings and also, they are not constructed out of material that is not strong enough for the job they do. If a bearing fails, then you are looking at a very expensive job to repair the engine, even if you can get away with the minimum amount of repair and not the whole engine. So, as you can see this is a very serious issue that cannot be ignored.

Finding Replacement Bearings

To replace the Porsche IMS bearing you need to source the product. You may be able to find many companies that can provide these, and there is definitely an influx on the market that are cheaper. However, these are unlikely to be of a quality that is needed. You should ensure you find a good manufacturer with a reputation for quality before investing in Porsche IMS bearing. If you fail to do this then you may find the substandard bearing quickly causes an issue for the engine or lasts only a short time before you need to take care of the problem again.

Quality Or Quantity?

Always choose quality over quantity. Although you will be able find many manufactures of the Porsche IMS bearing, you will need to check the company to ensure they are experts in their field. It is essential to find a manufacturer that has high quality as its benchmark. In addition, the bearing should be well lubricated again with a high-quality lube. In your search for Porsche IMS bearing you may find some manufacturers house the bearing in a plastic cage. If you do find a company doing this then you should avoid them and look elsewhere, as clearly, they have no idea about their product. The engine reaches high temperatures and anything that is not metallic (preferably steel) will melt and cause damage almost as bad as the bearing wearing down. You can, of course, obtain bearings with no cage.

Precision Bearing

Your bearings come in a variety of “precisions.” The more precise the bearings the better they will fit their allotted place. The highest precision rated bearings are under category ABEC 7. The lower categories of ABEC1 and ABEC 2 are not that precise and although they will do what you need from them in a limited way it is always best to go for the very best you can to get optimum performance.